September Mornings season 2 ending explained: Does Cassandra get closer to Gersinho?

September Mornings is a series that showcases the trials that trans women go through, and follows a woman named Cassandra as she faces the challenges life throws at her. The second season is now streaming on Prime Video.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

The second season of September Mornings follows along the lines of the storyline laid down in the first and builds upon Cassandra’s world.

After Cassandra and Leide’s car breaks down on the way back home from Gersinho’s maths tournament, the three of them can be seen pushing the car along while having an argument. 

Their car has broken down in the middle of nowhere, and Leide suggests calling Cassandra’s father for help because he lives fairly close by. Cassandra does not wish to reach out to him due to their differences, but Leide still ends up calling.

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Her father arrives to help and meets Gersinho for the first time, and keeps deadnaming her as she keeps correcting him. 

He takes them back to his house, and the tensions between them only seem to increase as Cassandra also meets her stepmother, Ruth.

Cassandra had held a highly idealised view of her mother in her mind, but after having a talk with her father, that starts to break down bit by bit.

The show simultaneously follows Cassandra’s daily encounters and the incessant transphobia she faces, overtly as well as subtly. From old high school bullies to Leide’s snide remarks, the show highlights what trans people have to go through in a very realistic way.

She leaves the town and returns back to her life while Leide and Gersinho continue to stay at her father’s place for a little longer. Ivaldo keeps trying to get in contact with her, but she does not respond for a bit.

She finally meets him, and he tells her about his divorce, and the two get back together again.

Meanwhile, Leide and Gersinho return back to the city, and Cassandra tries to get them to move out and wishes to go back to a life of independence for them all. They move out, and Leide starts working on an idea for a lunchbox business.

Gersinho begins planning his birthday party, and Cassandra’s bike breaks down. She picks him up from school on a bicycle and blames her entire situation on him in a heated argument.

Both Leide and Cassandra share their prized possessions to get some money. Cassandra sells her precious Vanusa vinyl records, while Leide gets an unexpected offer to work as a car salesperson as she sells her car.

Along with her performing and delivery jobs, Cassandra also takes up a job as a bartender to make ends meet. She also apologises to Gersinho for taking out her anger and stress about jobs and her bike on him.

They go to the bike showroom together, and Gersinho manages to convince them to reduce the down payment on Cassandra’s dream bike. 

Cassandra calls her father and asks him to come along with Ruth to Gersinho’s birthday party. Meanwhile, Gersinho gets some money and goes to buy the records Cassandra had sold because he knows how much they mean to her.

Ivaldo and Cassandra keep meeting each other in between their busy schedules, and he also suggests that the two go on a trip together. 

The day of Gersinho’s birthday arrives, and everyone arrives at his party except Cassandra who is late because of her deliveries and reaches as the party is ending.

The show is a story of motherhood and acceptance, that intertwines different narratives in an easily palatable, slice-of-life storyline.

September Mornings ending explained in detail:

Do Cassandra and her father resolve their differences?

Cassandra and her father both slowly start to accept each other and their different lives and learn how to co-exist with their families.

Cassandra calls him and Ruth over for Gersinho’s birthday because she knows how much his grandson means to him. She even speaks cordially with her father and takes a step closer to further resolving their differences.

Does Cassandra adapt to her life of motherhood?

After Gersinho’s party, he hands over the records he bought from the store to Cassandra. She is touched by this gesture and finally calls him over to stay over at her house because she knows that he wants to spend equal time with her as well. 

The viewer sees how Cassandra has now warmed up to Gersinho, and how much she cares for him. She also takes him to meet her new found family and friends, which is a big deal to her. 

She dedicates a song out of her performance to Gersinho too, and their relationship can finally be seen blossoming. 

In this journey of embracing motherhood, Cassandra also decides to get to the bottom of the mysteries surrounding her own mother and begins a journey to find out more about her.

What happens between Cassandra and Ivaldo?

Cassandra and Ivaldo finally get together after all their hardships. They meet each other in between their schedules and fit into each other’s lives well.

They defend and support each other at every step, and this portrayal raises high expectations for their journey from here.

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