Who is Seo Hye-seung? Remarriage & Desires character explained

Seo Hye-seung is the lead protagonist of the Netflix Korean drama ‘Remarriage & Desires’. The character is played by Kim Hee-sun.

Seo Hye-seung is a woman who has hit rock bottom and has everything taken from her by a greedy and dastardly woman named Jin Yoo-hui. When a chance encounter takes place at a marriage agency, Hye-seung begins planning her revenge.

Losing it all

Seo Hye-seung was married to Kang Nam-sik but after Nam-sik had an affair with Jin Yoo-hui, he asked Hye-seung for a divorce. Hye-seung was distraught but eventually agreed.

Who is Seo Hye-seung? Remarriage & Desires character explained 1
Kang Nam-sik asks Seo Hye-seung for a divorce

However, before the divorce could go through, Nam-sik realized that Yoo-hui was just using him as a cover to embezzle money from their company and when he told her that he loves her, she rebuffed his advances and accused him of rape.

After facing prison time for Yoo-hui’s crimes and her alleged rape, Nam-sik cannot deal with the pressure and commits suicide, leaving Hye-seung a widow while all their possessions are reclaimed to pay back the money that was stolen.

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Quest for revenge

After Hye-seung’s mother signed her up for a high-profile marriage agency called REX that also deals with remarriage, Hye-seung finds out that Yoo-hui is also a member of that club. A conversation with the REX CEO leads to Hye-seung deciding that the only way she’ll be happy again is if she sees Yoo-hui suffer the same way she did.

Who is Seo Hye-seung? Remarriage & Desires character explained 2
Hye-seung and Yoo-hui became rivals withing REX

This begins a war of attrition between the two as Hye-seung foils Yoo-hui’s attempts at winning over wealthy CEO Lee Hyung-su while Yoo-hui has Hye-seung evicted and hampers her attempts at getting a well-paying job to support herself.

Eventually, Hye-seung convinces everyone else of Yoo-hui’s true nature and celebrates a momentary victory before Yoo-hui escapes jail time through her influence and has Hye-seung’s daughter sent to the hospital after a car accident.

The grand finale

Seo Hye-seung learns about Yoo-hui’s parentage and through a very cleverly crafted plan, she and Hyung-su finally expose Yoo-hui for who she really is. She visits Yoo-hui in prison and gives her the truth that she’s only in jail because of her own actions.

Hye-seung had agreed to marry her friend and ex-boyfriend, Cha Seok-jin, in exchange for assistance in clearing Hyung-su’s name. When the big day arrives, Seok-jin admits that while he still has feelings for her, he wants her to be truly happy.

Who is Seo Hye-seung? Remarriage & Desires character explained 3
Hye-seung gets remarried to the man that she loves

That is why he chooses to step aside and let her marry Lee Hyung-su as the two of them fell in love with each other and their bond is very strong.

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