Seo-ha: See You in My 19th Life character explained

Seo-ha is Ji-eum’s love interest in See You in My 19th Life. When Ji-eum starts working with him, he gets a second chance at love. Bo Hyun Ahn plays the role of Mun Seo-ha. 

Seo-ha comes from a rich family, but all that money could not save the people he loved the most. At a very young age, Seo-ha lost his mother and his childhood love, Ju-won. After their deaths, Seo-ha grew up to be a lonely man.

Seo-ha’s first love

Seo-ha used to be an insolent child. He used to think he could get away with anything since his family was rich. That was until he met Ju-won. 

Ju-won refuses to let him be rude to people. Seo-ha’s mother realizes that he likes Ju-won, so she keeps inviting her to their house. Soon, Seo-ha and Ju-won become close friends.

Seo-ha plays and laughs with Ju-won and her sister, Cho-won. He shares everything with Ju-won, including his feelings about his mother’s sickness. The two children fall in love, and Seo-ha asks Ju-won to marry him, even though he does not know the meaning of marriage.

Before dying, Seo-ha’s mother asks Ju-won to take care of Seo-ha. Ju-won keeps her promise and is there to comfort Seo-ha. The two of them then get into an accident on Seo-ha’s birthday. Due to that, Seo-ha not only loses his hearing but also has to watch Ju-won die.

ee You in My 19th Life Seo-ha
Ju-won comforts Seo-ha at his mother’s funeral

A second chance at love

After losing Ju-won, Seo-ha has no one by his side. On top of that, his father is an insensitive man who does not take his feelings into consideration. He sleeps with Mrs. Jang, the woman who used to work with Seo-ha’s mother, and brings her home, despite knowing that it bothers Seo-ha.

Seo-ha graduates from school and moves to Germany. He then goes on to become the senior managing director at MI Group. He finally decides to return to Korea and restore his mother’s hotel, which is in a bad state now, as Mrs. Jang has not been managing it well.

Even though Seo-ha is an adult now, the pain of losing his mother and Ju-won still haunts him. He avoids meeting Ju-won’s family and has not been able to recover from the trauma of the accident.

When he comes back to Korea, Ju-won, who is reborn as Ji-eum, also returns to his life. Although he does not know that Ji-eum is Ju-won, she still promises to stay by his side, just like Ju-won did in the past, and their love story gets a new beginning. 

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