Seo Eun: D.P. season 2 character explained

In the second season of D.P., Seo Eun, Ji-seop’s wife, goes against her superior’s wishes to do the right thing. Kim Ji-hyun plays the role of Seo Eun.

When Ru-ri deserts the army after opening fire on his fellow soldiers, Lieutenant Colonel Seo Eun is asked to lead the investigation. Seo Eun works under General Gu, whose first priority is to prevent scandals, so Seo Eun also focuses on covering up the truth and fabricating lies. 

Seo Eun is married to Ji-seop but the two of them are not on the best terms. It is implied that they do not live together and take turns to spend time with their children.

Seo Eun has a change of heart

While briefing the press about the mass shooting, Seo Eun portrays Ru-ri as a criminal and chooses not to talk about the bullying that drove him to commit the crime. She even shows the pictures from the crime scenes. 

Her strategy is to provoke Ru-ri, as she thinks provocation is necessary to instill fear and prevent others from helping him. As per General Gu’s wishes, she tries to hush up the tragedy.

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She further plans to portray Ru-ri as a man who cannot separate fiction from reality, as his mind has been warped because of his interest in violent animation. Ji-seop tries to stop her and tells her not to end up with regrets like him.

Seo Eun dismisses him. In fact, to get Ru-ri to return on his own, she baits him by showing his mother getting harassed by the families of the victims on television. Ji-seop berates her for doing something like this, considering that she is also a mother.

As the one in charge, Seo Eun is going to kill Ru-ri as soon as he returns. She refuses to give Ji-seop and Beom-gu a chance to persuade Ru-ri to surrender. However, Ji-seop’s pleas do affect her.

When the time comes to get Ru-ri killed, Seo Eun fails to give the order. She later tells Ji-seop that she thought she could be like General Gu, but in the end, she could not do it.

D.P. season 2 Seo Eun
Seo Eun fails to order Ru-ri’s death

This displeases General Gu. As a result, she gets discharged after being forced out. However, before that, she takes the USB that has confidential files related to the cases that General Gu has manipulated and gives it to Ji-seop.

A fresh start

After getting discharged, Seo Eun opens her own law firm. She decides to represent the Military Human Rights Center, which aims to get compensation for the victims of the military, in a lawsuit against the government.

Ru-ri’s case is also a part of the lawsuit, so Seo Eun becomes Ru-ri’s attorney. She tells Ru-ri that she is doing this because she cannot let Ru-ri take the full blame for what happened. Ru-ri does not have anyone on his side, and it is because of people like her. 

Now, Seo Eun will be going against her former superior, General Gu, in court. General Gu silences her key witness, but Ji-seop takes the stand as her witness. He makes it clear to General Gu that Seo Eun fights till she breaks. 

D.P. season 2 Seo Eun
General Gu meets Seo Eun before the trial

General Gu believes that neither he nor Seo Eun won. The ruling is delayed, as the court accepts the claim for compensation in some cases but needs further evidence in others. 

Seo Eun did not have it in herself to kill someone when there was a chance to resolve the situation without violence. Eventually, she decides to do the right thing, knowing that she will have to pay the price.

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