Sean: Shrinking character explained

Sean is a patient who is pushed onto Jimmy and after a rough start, the two of them work together to progress in their lives. The character is portrayed by Luke Tennie.

Gaby asks Jimmy to take a patient off her hands as a favor because she believed he would do better with Jimmy. That’s how Sean ends up visiting Jimmy for his court-mandated anger management.

Sean is a young army veteran with anger issues who has no particular interest in therapy while Jimmy is still in a funk and doesn’t seem to be giving it his all at work or home. Sean is the first patient that Jimmy tries to help with his unorthodox approach.

He takes him to a fighting gym where he can let his frustrations out and bonds with him at a level that a therapist and patient shouldn’t. He starts hanging out with Sean a lot more and takes him along for one of Alice’s soccer games.

Sean had just stopped himself from attacking a man who bumped into him but at the game, he attacks Donny and beats him badly after Donny punches Jimmy.

A complex living situation

After getting kicked out by his parents for ending up in jail for a night, Jimmy offers up his own home for Sean to stay in, which was frowned upon by Paul and everyone else.

He managed to make it work though and Sean slowly improved his situation, although there was an awkward exchange between him and Alice because she had a crush on him. They patch things eventually after Sean gets advice from Liz.

Sean: Shrinking character explained 1
Sean convinces Liz to go into business with him with the help of Alice and Gaby

He integrates himself well into Jimmy’s inner circle and even secures funding from Liz for a food truck as he gets set for the next chapter of his life.

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