Seal Team (2021) summary and ending explained

Netflix’s ‘Seal Team’, follows Quinn, a seal who enjoys relaxing in the sun.  However, life isn’t always so easy. The Seal-eating Sharks, who are a threat to the community, frequently disrupt his pleasure and he vows to take up arms against them.


In 1980s, Claggart, Dolph and Switch, H.M.M.F. good boys found the X47 death balloon during their operation. They cut a wire instead of calling a human resulting in a blast. Claggart loses his locket and falls into the ocean.

In present day, Quinn and Benji plan a ‘Super-secret surprise attack’ to catch a fish but fail as the fish enters the zone of seal-eating sharks. Great Geraldo, a self-obsessed seal brags about himself.

Quinn desperately goes out to catch a fish but instead invites sharks. He finds Claggart’s locket but the sharks are still after them. They dive out of the ocean back to their home, Seal Island.

Frustrated with risking their lives for a fish as they eat disgusting Barnacles every day, Quinn dives into the ocean once again in pursuit of food for breakfast. They meet a shark named Grimes but lose Benji to him.

Quinn, who is saved by Claggart wakes up on a stone with Roger, Diving Dee and Mayday staring at him. He tries to convince Claggart to teach him, how to fight.

Back home, He is filled with disappointment with other seals being afraid of fighting back. He assembles Beth and Geraldo to learn to fight sharks and reaches the door of Claggart.

Soon, their training starts and they train hard. Claggart wakes up from a nightmare about losing his crew and goes out for fresh air. There, he finds Quinn doing the same.

Next day, they swim into the water to meet Switch for armouries. They meet Dave, a basking shark who only eats plankton on their way and carry on with their journey.

They are introduced into the world of Switch’s unstable experimental biotechnology. All of them, set and dressed with weapons, are ready to fight sharks and are finally successful in doing so.

Two of the sharks witnessing all of this go to Grimes to inform him. Grimes assembles sharks in attempt to set an example for the seals.

Claggart reveals that he was responsible for the blast and that he is colour-blind. However, he learns that all seals are colour-blind. Nevertheless, they go to the harbour to get a boat where they meet the Harbour Queen, Magnificent Jing, the true love of Great Geraldo.

After stealing a boat named Super Freak, they rescue the seals trapped in the midst of the Ocean. Grimes tries to follow them but voila! They escape.

Geraldo and Jing try to fool the sharks so that others can escape to water but are followed by a shark who catches Beth. Quinn saves Beth and a huge explosion happens.

What is the outcome of the conflict?

Seal Team ending explained in detail:

Grimes plans revenge on seals

Quinn puts on the Octo suit and enters the shark realm, where he observes Grimes plotting a counter-attack. He sees a shiver of sharks listening to Grimes who talks about taking revenge from the seals who tried to threaten them as Grimes invited them.

He plans to attack the seals when they go on the sardine run. He asks them to learn from the Seals. What? The answer is Teamwork. They aim to make sure that no seal is left behind as they will eat them all. All the shark cheers Grimes.

Claggart sacrifices himself

Geraldo and Jing attempt to deceive the sharks so that others can flee to the water, but they are pursued by a shark, who captures Beth. Quinn saves Beth, and there is a massive explosion.

Geraldo and Jing reunite with one another. Quinn puts on the Octo suit and enters the shark realm, where he observes Grimes plotting a counter-attack.

As he is surrounded by sharks, he triggers the countermeasures since there is an issue with the Octo suit. When they come upon Grimes, Claggart offers himself as a bait to save the others.

The Seal Team saves the day

Quinn returns to tell everyone about the shark ambush on the sardine run, but it’s too late. He returns back to his team. They get ready and plan the rescue. The birds inform them that the sharks are gone. They arrive in Grimes’ region by travelling inside of Dave’s mouth and attempt to eliminate the sharks one by one.

Switch releases the container and others, close all the doors. Soon, the sharks discover those who were waiting for the seals to pass overhead. They somehow run and save their own life by locking themselves inside the container.

A Shiver of Sharks goes on the hunt for seals, and the Seal Team attempts to save them with the help of the birds. Surprisingly, Claggart who is actually alive arrives with the H.M.M.F. ship to save the day, accompanied by Dolph.

This development aids the Seal Team to come out victorious and save the day.

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