Savitri Mahabir: Full Circle character explained

Savitri Mahabir is the matriarch of the Mahabir family who intends to have the curse on her family lifted by kidnapping Jared Browne. The character is played by CCH Pounder.

Savitri Mahabir is the widow of Ranwell Mahabir and sister-in-law to Quincy, who is killed by their rival, Edward Chung. Mahabir Enterprises runs a scam where they murder homeless people or vagrants for their life insurance payouts.

Following Quincy’s death, Savitri is convinced that the problem isn’t Edward Chung, but a discretion of her past. She goes back home to Georgetown in Guyana and confirms that a curse was placed on her husband and her entire family many years ago.

The conditions for lifting the curse are set by the man who placed them and Savitri returns to tell her men of the plan. She orders the kidnapping of Jared Browne but doesn’t give everyone the entire picture.

A matter of belief

Most of Savitri’s decisions were based on what the shaman, Mr. Willoughby told her. This frustrated her men, especially Garmen, who couldn’t fathom where they were headed with their plan.

Savitri Mahabir: Full Circle character explained 1
Savitri Mahabir went to Mr. Willoughby to life the curse on her family

When she finds out that Jared wasn’t killed and they didn’t complete the ritual as required, she maintains a level head and finds out from Mr. Willoughby how they can rectify the issue.

She shows her nephew that she cares about him but doesn’t trust him with the most important decisions so she often patronises him to keep him happy, something that Aked clearly notices.

Savitri is insistent that the curse is the sole reason that they are going through a rough period and that lifting the curse will solve all of their problems.

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