Sauron’s offer to Galadriel in The Rings of Power explained

During the climactic events of The Rings of Power season 1, Sauron goes mask off and unleashes his harrowing countenance, but not before offering Galadriel an offer. Here’s what that offer entailed.

The finality of events in the first season of Prime Video’s Rings of Power sees Galadriel finally picking up on the suspicious stench that Halbrand exudes.

The first speck of suspicion that Galadriel feels is when Celebrimbor repeats a line she had previously heard from Adar’s mouth back in the Southlands.

The only person Celebrimbor could’ve heard it from must be Halbrand, someone who was present there when Adar revealed Sauron’s plans.

However, more than what was said, the implication of what was said is more damning and sinister.

“power…not of the flesh but over the flesh” was what Adar said about Sauron’s plan; Celebrimbor repeated the same to Gil-galad in Eregion, with the context of the Mithril being forged into new powers.

Galadriel instantly inquired Celebrimbor about where he heard it from. Suspicion pointed toward Halbrand and she ordered an Elf to dig into the Southlands royal lineage.

The horrific realization dawned on her, and Halbrand turned out to be no king of men but of darkness.

However, before Galadriel could move much, she’s put into a psychologically manipulative trance of distorted memories where Halbrand makes her an offer.

You be my queen, I’ll be your manipulator

The big confrontation between Galadriel and Sauron is rife with the classic LOTR cinematic visuals and storytelling.

There are hallucinations and trickery, and a perpetual sense of doom that comes with the Dark Lord psychologically playing with Galadriel.

Not a moment after she realizes who Halbrand truly is, she’s thrown into a memory she holds dear, wherein her brothers sat beside her.

However, his familiar and loving visage is not congruent with the Sauron-sympathetic sentiments he’s vocalizing, a trait uncharacteristic of an Elf who the Dark Lord himself killed.

sauron galadriel the rings of power
Image source: Prime Video

Soon, Galadriel is transported to another memory, this one is of the first time she met Halbrand while adrift in the sea. This is where Halbrand leans into his manipulative trickery, trying to sway Galadriel to join him.

Sauron offers Galadriel to be his queen and rule Middle-earth together. He tells her they were brought together for a purpose, alluding to the same thing she had previously said.

An offer you can refuse

Halbrand’s words seem to have an effect at first. Galadriel seems swayed, but it turns out that she’s just gauging what the Dark Lord is playing here.

She puts forth a question, a pretend ponderance of sorts. Sauron says they can work together and save Middle-earth; Galadriel asks if he intends to save or rule; Sauron finds the two terms synonymous with each other.

Galadriel was awaiting such a response, to confirm Sauron’s true hideous nature behind the kind-faced facade of Halbrand. “And this is why I’ll never be at your side”, responds Galadriel, as she puts her dagger on his neck.

Sauron is not surprised by the refusal, he was just testing the waters probably only for the fun of it, and to delay Galadriel while he flees Eregion. And he does, heading straight off to his lair-to-be in Mordor.

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