Saúl: Welcome to Eden character explained

In Welcome to Eden, Saúl is a member of the committee, yet he rebels against Astrid because she is responsible for the death of the person Saúl held in high regard. Jonathan Maravilla plays the role of Saúl.

In the first season of Welcome to Eden, someone anonymously rebels against Astrid and Erick at a party using a symbol that is known as “Lilith” among the rebels. Saúl does not seem to be in the picture, as he is a member of the committee and one of Astrid and Erick’s most trusted soldiers. 

In fact, he is called to the committee’s meeting to decide who should be punished for the rebellion. However, in the second season, it is revealed that Saúl’s loyalties do not lie with Astrid and Erick but with someone else.

Who is Graciela aka Lilith?

When Joel challenges Saúl to a fight, Saúl initially refuses but eventually takes up the challenge. During the fight, Joel provokes Saúl by telling him that he enjoyed killing his mentor. This infuriates Saúl, and he beats Joel to a pulp.

After watching the fight, Nico, Saúl’s roommate, thinks that there is something fishy about Saúl, so he goes through his personal belongings with a reluctant Zoa. Nico hopes to find dirt on Saúl, as he wishes to earn Astrid’s favor as well as a second star.

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Nico and Zoa know that Joel was involved in Saúl’s mentor’s death, someone Saúl still respects a lot. Nico breaks the frame of the picture of Saúl’s mentor that Saúl always keeps in their room and finds a written message at the back of the picture.

Welcome to Eden Saul
Nico and Zoa find Graciela’s message

It turns out that Saúl’s mentor was a rebel and used the symbol that came to be known as Lilith. She tried her best, but she failed to bring Astrid and Erick down. In her message, she asked Saúl to carry forward her legacy and continue rebelling.

Saúl catches Nico and Zoa going through his belongings, and Nico confronts him about the message. To stop Nico from giving this information to Astrid, Saúl, who is Eden’s medic, gives him an overdose of a substance that does not have an antidote.

Nico dies, and Saúl tells Bel and Zoa that his mentor’s name was Graciela; Lilith was her alias. The Eden drink was her idea, which used to be a good thing once, as it helped the inhabitant relax and get in touch with their inner selves.

However, she did not approve of the way Astrid and Erick started using the drink. She was against the Eden Foundation’s methods, and that is why Astrid and Erick ordered her death.

She was killed, but her ideas still live. She taught Saúl everything, who has carved the symbol of rebellion on a stone, as he does not want to forget her like every other person who dies on this island. He continues rebelling in her name.

Saúl death

In the first season, Saúl not only tried to spread the message of rebellion at the party but also attacked Astrid and Erick in the middle of the night. He managed to stab Erick, but Erick survived the attack. Saúl plans to attack Astrid again and end this once and for all.

He tells Bel and Zoa that he is going to kill Astrid, and Bel offers to help him get his revenge. Saúl thinks involving others in this is risky, so he refuses Bel’s help. Saúl is going to kill Astrid at a committee meeting.

Bel still helps him get a weapon to the committee meeting through Eva, who flirts with Joel and is not checked the way the other members are. She passes the knife to Saúl, who waits for the right moment and attacks Astrid.

Welcome to Eden Saul
Saúl attacks Astrid

He holds her at knifepoint and tells the committee that he wants the other inhabitants to see Astrid and Erick for what they are. He is avenging Graciela as well as the others who were killed like her on this island.

He threatens to kill Astrid if the committee does not put him in touch with the mainland and the police, as he wants to free the inhabitants of Eden. However, his rebellion fails when África hits him from behind and Joel shoots him as soon as Astrid gets out of the way.

An injured Saúl knows that he is going to die soon, so he drags himself to the stone he carved in Graciela’s memory. When Danae finds him there, he asks her to let him die alone. Saúl dies, remembering his mentor, but the rebellion does not end with him. 

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