Sanak summary and ending explained

Vidyut Jammwal led action thriller, Sanak, features the actor as an MMA trainer who takes on a group of terrorists laying siege to a hospital. It emphasis his drive to save his wife and the other hostages before any casualties happen.

Sanak opens with MMA trainer Vivaan Ahuja (Vidyut Jammwal) and his wife Anshika Maitra (Rukmini Maitra) celebrating their third anniversary when the latter passes out due to unexplained reasons.

A diagnosis reveals that she has a critical condition causing her heart to slowly stop functioning and requires an immediate surgery. Vivaan puts all hands on deck to arrange funds for the procedure and has to sell their flat for the same.

Anshika eventually goes under the knife and has a successful surgery. Vivaan leaves no stone unturned to make sure she recovers swiftly so they can restart their life but fate has other plans.

On the day she gets a thumbs up from her doctor for a discharge, a high profile patient, Ajay Pal Singh (Kiran Karmarkar) is brought in for emergency surgery due to his pacemaker malfunctioning.

Singh is an arms dealer who is under investigation for selling counterfeit weapons to the Indian army which resulted in the death of 8 soldiers, and the police want him to survive at all costs.

Meanwhile, as Vivaan heads to the hospital’s basement to get his wallet from the car, a group of lethal terrorists infiltrates the building and takes people hostage. He is also attacked by one of the perpetrators in the car park but manages to kill him, and takes his bag and weapon with him.

Mumbai Police’s ACP Jayanti Bhargav (Neha Dhupia) is informed about the situation and she establishes a barricade around the building, trying to decipher who these people are and what is their agenda. It is then revealed that Singh’s pacemaker failing was a planned decision to get him away from custody and into a hospital where he can be retrieved by hired mercenaries.

Bhargav tries to get in touch with someone on the inside and her wish is granted when terrorists strap a bomb vest onto a school girl, hand her a walkie talkie, and send her outside to talk to the ACP. In a shocking twist of events, it turns out that the girl is Bhargav’s daughter.

The leader of the mercenaries, Saju (Chandan Roy Sanyal) converses with Bhargav via the walkie talkie and demands a bus and a helicopter at 10pm and assures her that they will leave with Singh without hurting anyone if no interference is caused.

Elsewhere, Vivaan tries to get in touch with Anshika but the perpetrators take over the security room and place network jammers in the building. He then runs into a security guard, Riyaz Ahmed (Chandan Roy), and a little boy, Zubin (Harminder Singh Alag). The trio decide to stick together as Vivaan uses his skillset to slowly take on and eliminate the enemies.

He also has to occasionally deal with an ailment that causes his heart rate to shoot up and his blood sugar to fall. He takes sugar sachets to counter this setback.

Fortunately, he manages to get a stray signal in one corner of the hospital and gets into contact with Bhargav. He explains that there is a hostage situation on the ground as well as the ninth floor, and expresses his intention to save everyone since the police is in no position to attack.

Vivaan kills nine of Saju’s people due to which Riyaz and Zubin retake the security room. Zubin is shown to be an avid gamer who is obsessed with first person shooters. His experience in games allows him to transfer his knowledge into real life and he disables the network jammers.

It is then, however, Saju finally has enough and decides to warn Vivaan to surrender. How does the sole MMA trainer react then?

Sanak ending explained in detail:

Hostage threat

The bag that Vivaan steals from the person in the basement contains a detonator which Saju desperately wants as it is a major part of their escape plan. He tries to figure out who Vivaan is desperately trying to save but is unable to make connections since Anshika hadn’t taken his surname.

Elsewhere, Vivaan first manages to save the hostages on the ground floor but the police still cannot enter due to Bhargav’s daughter tied up to the door with an explosive vest. The bomb squad eventually is called in and they assist Riyaz and Zubin in disabling the vest from the other side of the door, which they successfully manage to do.

Vivaan then manages to procure Singh’s new pacemaker’s serial number and threatens to disable it again if the hostages on the ninth floor aren’t freed. He tries to bluff by saying that his relative was on the ground floor so Saju has nothing against him.

Initially believing he has the upper hand, Vivaan is met with a bitter revelation when Saju calls him out by saying that if he indeed had saved his relative, he’d head out to safety and wouldn’t try to act the hero.

Saju then furiously tries to figure out who Vivaan’s relative is but still is unsuccessful. Frustrated with a dead end investigation, he contacts Vivaan and throws out a nurse from the ninth floor to assert his dominance over the situation.

Horrified at this killing, Vivaan marks the menacing leader for death as he decides to face him head on on the ninth floor.

The sixth floor plan

As Vivaan prepares to head upstairs, he notices Force One badges and the hospital’s sixth floor plan inside the bag he stole. He asks Riyaz about a way in which the sixth floor connects to the basement and he informs him about a laundry shaft that does exactly that.

Connecting the dots, Vivaan warns Bhargav that the terrorists plan to dress up as Force One soldiers and escape via the basement. They never needed the bus and the helicopter and if the police try to come up using elevators or the stairs, they will be met with explosive booby traps.

Bhargav takes his advice and takes a cautious approach to the sixth floor as the terrorists too make their way there with a freshly revived Singh. Vivaan reaches there first and kills off the final members of the group except Saju and Singh.

A few hostages, including Anshika, are also taken to the sixth floor as insurance but Vivaan’s interference allows them to escape. His wife, however, stays back to assist him.


Saju and Vivaan finally face off and barrage each other with all they’ve got. Meanwhile, Bhargav confronts a frail Singh who threatens her with the fact that if he’s killed, everyone involved in the illegal arms trade within the government will be exposed.

She considers this development and shoots Singh point blank multiple times, believing that exposing such culprits is exactly what needs to be done.

Anshika, on the other hand, had previously managed to acquire a pistol from a dead body but handed it over to a security guard who shows up at the exact same spot. Urging him to hand over the weapon, she doesn’t realise that the guard is one of the perpetrators who points it at her temple.

Vivaan meanwhile is being overpowered by Saju and is on the brink of exhaustion. Seeing his wife at gunpoint, he hints her to perform a move she used on him at the start of the film to escape, which she does.

This distracts Saju and Vivaan uses this to his advantage as he overpowers him. The resultant tussle sees Saju falling into the elevator shaft with a collapsing lift crushing him to death.

The closing scene sees the couple reconcile in an ambulance.Vivaan opts to stay out of public eye despite him saving countless lives and is thanked by Bhargav for it.

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