Who is Sam Rothberg in Fleishman Is in Trouble?

In the third episode of Fleishman Is in Trouble, Toby goes down memory lane and suspects that Rachel is with someone named Sam Rothberg. The character is played by Josh Stamberg.

For weeks, Toby has been trying to contact Rachel. Initially, it felt normal, as Toby knew how she can be sometimes. He started worrying when he realized that she has been gone for longer than usual.

Toby felt a sigh of relief when a group of Rachel’s friends at the market disclosed that they just saw her napping in the park.

Toby walked back home and tried to sum up where Rachel was all along and how she landed in the park. He went back in time to that fine day they decided to end their marriage.

On that night, they were having dinner with their friends. Rachel and Toby continued their bickering back in the kitchen.

When they came out to join their guests again, everyone pretended to play a game. It involved mentioning the person they will sleep with if their partner turned a blind eye.

Rachel, unaware that everyone is dropping celebrity names, took the name of Sam Rothberg.

The identity of Sam Rothberg

Toby suspected that Rachel was with Sam Rothberg all this time, away from their kids. Sam Rothberg is the same family friend with whom Rachel and Toby spent the New Year together two years ago.

Sam had offered Toby a luxurious job at his company upon Rachel’s request. Toby was mad, as the job went against everything he worked hard for. He never worked for money; he worked because he enjoyed what he did.

Who is Sam Rothberg in Fleishman Is in Trouble? 1
Sam Rothberg offers Toby a job

Immediately after that conversation, Toby confronted Rachel. Unlike Toby, Rachel pursued a wealthy lifestyle, like the one Sam Rothberg is living.

Now that she is divorced, Toby wondered where else she would go. Much like him, she might also be looking for someone else to be with. He checked up on Rothberg’s social media and figured out that his location has been quite close to Rachel’s.

Toby’s next move would be knocking on Sam Rothberg’s door to find out if Rothberg has anything to do with Rachel.

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