Sa-Rang’s break up with Gong Yu-Nam in King The Land explained

Cheon Sa-Rang recently broke up with her insensitive and oblivious boyfriend, with a lot of aftermath drama and the beginning of a new romance following the mess.

King the Land‘s Cheon Sa-Rang has a perennial smile on her face, largely because her profession requires her to do so. She does her job with a spotless track record and an excellence everyone strives for but few achieve.

In a matter of a couple of years, she climbs the success ladder as a concierge at the King Hotel, earning the tag of the best talent two years in a row. However, behind all the smiles and professionalism lies a girl with multitudes.

There’s a contrast between her professional life and her personal one, especially of late as she goes through a breakup.

The reasons

Cheon Sa-Rang gets into a relationship with Gong Yu-Nam after landing a job at King the Land Hotel. It seems to be nothing remarkable in terms of their relationship, as none of it makes the montage of her success over the years.

Later, it’s revealed why that is, and the reason is that Gong Yu-Nam is just about the lousiest boyfriend she could ever ask for. He’s an athlete and a jock and proves all the stereotypes that come with that description perfectly.

Gong Yu-Nam King the Land
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When it comes to his old buddies and his game buddies, he’s all in, all the time, leaving Sa-Rang to hang out with them at the drop of the hat. And when he’s hanging out with them or busy with his other commitments, he has quite difficulty finding time for Sa-Rang.

All she wants is some quality time but Gong Yu-Nam can’t provide her that, even when he tries to give it a shot. It’s this series of poor treatment that he subjects Sa-Rang to that builds up over time and ultimately blows all over his face.

Breakup and the aftermath

Cheon Sa-Rang repeatedly gets stood up and ignored by Gong Yu-Nam, and when she’s finally had it, she dumps him. He is so oblivious that he doesn’t understand that she’s just broken up with him.

He tries to persuade her and make her come back to him, acting as if this is business per usual and she’d understand eventually. However, she makes it clear to him that they’re done. Even so, he comes back to her, this time outside her working place, and tries to persuade her again.

She puts it directly that she has broken off things with him and he calls her out on her cruelty when it finally registers in his mind that they’re indeed done. Later, he comes to her house, and spots Gu Won dropping her off.

He takes no time accusing her of two-timing him with Gu Won and saying how this is the reason why she’s been acting the way she is. She again has to make it clear that she’s done with him. The oblivious Yu-Nam tries to go after her but this time Gu Won stops him and he does so for good.

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