Run Sweetheart Run ending explained: Does Cherie survive the night?

Prime Video’s ‘Run Sweetheart Run’ is a horror thriller that focuses on a budding lawyer, Cherie. After an accidental scheduling conflict, she decides to go on a dinner with one of her boss’s clients, ending up in a game of life and death.

Plot summary

Cherie is a single mother, who works at a reputed law firm as an assistant to James R. Fuller. She is a budding lawyer herself and wants to create a better life for her daughter Luze.

On the day of James’ anniversary, Cherie accidentally books him for dinner with a client named Ethan Sacks. To make amends, she agrees to meet Ethan instead.

She leaves Luze with a friend, who fortunately agrees to babysit last minute and heads out. Ethan turns out to be a charming man who is exceptionally wealthy.

He offers her a gin and tonic before they leave for dinner, stating that it is the only drink he knows how to make. Cherie realises that her period has started and asks to use the restroom.

The two have a nice dinner at a sushi place, but Ethan has a major outburst when a dog gets too close to him. He apologizes and explains that he was bitten by a canine once as a kid and got 48 stitches, turning him into a proud cat person.

After the meal, they have fun skating and dancing, eventually returning to Ethan’s house. Cherie initially thinks of leaving but decides to stay when Ethan invites her for another drink.

While talking she notices a 5:25 A.M. alarm on his phone, but he labels it a mistake. This is when things go terribly wrong. As soon as the two walk inside, we hear banging, thuds and screams.

Cherie runs out of the door in a battered state, bleeding from various places. She runs barefoot into the night and asks two random ladies to call 911. Unfortunately, the police arrest her for public intoxication and put her behind bars.

When she pleads that she was attacked, the authorities simply state that they’re looking into it.

Run Sweetheart Run ending explained in detail:

What happens in jail?

Cherie shares the cell with another female inmate who tries to comfort her. However, the night gets worse when the same lady reveals that Cherie has been marked in a dangerous game, and her only hope is to find the First Lady.

When Cherie asks how she knows all this, the woman replies that her friend met the same man and was found dead later. After some time, Ethan makes his way to the cell and tells Cherie that he wants to hunt her through the night.

If she is able to evade him, he will let her live.

What is James’ secret?

Cherie is bailed out and given a head start by Ethan. She notices a huge number of “Missing” posters at the police station for multiple women. Scared for her life, she takes a taxi to James’ house.

The taxi driver is sympathetic towards her condition and lets her ride for free, since she has no phone or money. He also tells Cherie that he gave a ride to many scared and bruised women before and she shouldn’t be alone at this time of the night.

Cherie is received warmly by James who asks his wife Judy to make some tea. After showering and changing, Cherie goes through James’ laptop discreetly and notices that he set up the dinner with Ethan, it was never a mistake.

On further investigation, she realises that James arranged all the meetings between Ethan and the other women who have been missing. This is when Judy also warns her to keep her blood off of herself, as he can smell it.

Unable to take any more lies, she escapes.

What happens at Trey’s house?

After getting on a bus, Cherie calls her ex-boyfriend Trey for help. She stops at a convenience store to buy some tampons but Ethan catches up to her. He assaults her again but she retaliates with a brick to his head and escapes.

Trey arrives and after some arguments, agrees to take her to his house. Things are tense between Cherie and her best friend Dawn as she started dating Trey after their breakup.

It initially seems like Dawn won’t let Cherie in, but her bruised state changes her mind. Cherie showers and changes clothes once again as Ethan knocks on the door.

Dawn and a bunch of her friends gather weapons to threaten Ethan but he kills everyone. Trey, who had gone out to get more tampons, returns, only to be devoured by Ethan as well.

Realizing that her hunter isn’t human, Cherie runs for her life once more.

Is the church safe?

While chasing her, Ethan is run over by a car. As he slowly recovers, Cherie remembers Judy’ words about blood and decides to put it to the test. She takes out her used tampon, throws it on a passing vehicle and hides.

Ethan wakes up and starts following the fake trail. She then heads to a church nearby, asking the priest for some holy water and a cross. To her dismay, it is Ethan in disguise and the real priest lies bleeding nearby.

When Cherie asks him what he really is, he reveals his true demonic form. However, before he can kill her, the priest stabs Ethan in the back and points Cherie to a nearby escape hatch.

She craws through it and ends up in a night club. After finding the bathroom, she covers her wounds with bleach and ties them up with pieces of her dress. She then steals some new clothes and a phone.

Incidentally, she finds more “Missing” posters in the club and notices the number of the First Lady on them. Sensing a way out, she makes the call.

Does Ethan kill Cherie?

She hitches a ride to the First Lady’s location with a trio of women who invite her for surfing at 5:25 A.M. On further inspection, Cherie realises that 5:25 A.M. is the time for sunrise.

Unfortunately, her forehead starts bleeding again and Ethan crashes their car. Everyone dies except Cherie as Ethan pulls her out of the totaled vehicle. This time help arrives in the form of a dog that threatens to attack the monster, who flees immediately.

Baffled at her luck, Cherie goes to meet the First Lady with her new canine friend. the First Lady welcomes her and reveals that she is the first angel. She adds that Ethan was sent to guide humanity but that meant he always kept the male sex superior.

Now, since more equality persists, Ethan has turned into a ruthless hunter of women. The First Lady cleans up Cherie’s wounds and asks her to lure the demon out. Initially reluctant, she agrees after realizing that he will go after Luze next.

Cherie travels to the harbor, opening up her wounds once again as Ethan arrives and subdues her. Noticing that she is five minutes away from sunrise, Cherie pretends to give in to the demon’s superiority and asks him to take her.

As he is about to kill her, Ethan’s alarm goes off. Realizing that he has been tricked, he tries to finish the job but the First Lady and her disciples break the glass windows around them, letting the sunlight in.

Ethan slowly starts bleeding black blood and is set on fire by the First Lady. Victorious, Cherie heads home to find her daughter perfectly fine as the screen cuts to black.

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