Roy & Trent Crimm’s past in Ted Lasso season 3 explained

In Ted Lasso season 3 episode 2, Roy expresses immense disdain towards Trent Crimm, which stems from a past they both share.

Trent Crimm approaches Rebecca, intending to write a book on AFC Richmond. Rebecca leaves the decision to allow him to be around them in Ted’s hands, who, despite Rebecca, Keeley, and Leslie signaling him not to say yes, agrees to have Trent.

Trent’s job to cover AFC Richmond’s season becomes difficult when Roy learns that Trent will be spending time with them to write a book. He lets everyone know how much he despises Trent out in the open. On top of that, he doesn’t allow anyone to speak openly around Trent.

To make things worse, Roy is forced to share an office with Trent, who later even tries to convince Roy to give him a chance. Roy’s hatred towards Trent affects the team. None of the players are able to share their strategies openly during a match against Chelsea, with Trent making notes.

Ted notices that the team isn’t speaking out of respect for Roy. He then takes Roy to the side and tells him that his ego may cost them this match. That is when Roy decides to patch things up with Trent.

Why does Roy hate Trent so much?

Roy invites Trent to a corner and brings out a piece of paper he has carried in his purse for years. The piece has a review written on it criticizing 17-year-old Roy, who was a newcomer back when he played for Chelsea.

The news piece called Roy an overhyped prodigy. It stated that his unbridled rage and mediocre talent made his profound debut a disappointment. So it turns out that Trent wrote this piece years ago.

Roy & Trent Crimm’s past in Ted Lasso season 3 explained 1
Roy reads Trent’s news piece about him

Roy further expresses that he was just 17 and how much this piece brought him down. Trent says that he was trying to be edgy here because he also wanted to make a name for himself. He admits that he only looked for the worst in people and apologizes to Roy.

Roy buries the hatchet and accepts Trent’s apology. He then allows everyone to speak in front of Trent.

Roy’s debut with Chelsea

Before the match against Chelsea began, the crowd at Chelsea had gone crazy for Roy, who had returned after many years. Later, after the match, Ted asks Roy how it was coming back to Chelsea.

Roy is hesitant at first. He looks at Trent and then tells him what happened the last time he was here. They had a match against Arsenal, who completely destroyed their team.

The more devastating fact was that Roy did play really badly. He nods at Trent, and they both agree that he did. Back then, Roy thought he couldn’t keep up and that he wasn’t good enough. He kept thinking about this the whole year.

Roy knew this was going to get worse. So he quit and left at the end of the season, leaving everyone shocked. Roy just didn’t want to be one of those broken-down footballers just taking up space before they are dropped.

Returning here after years, a part of him says that he should have stayed back then and just enjoyed. Ted cheers Roy up by saying that if he hadn’t left Chelsea, maybe they wouldn’t have met either.

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