Rosario Cadena: Eva Lasting character explained

Rosario Cadena is a new teacher at the school who has a shared past with Camilo’s parents. Judith Segura plays the character.

After convincing Dr. Alicia that Professor Tello is the wrong choice for their behavior and health class, Professor Rosario Cadena is hired since she is a psychologist with a background in pedagogy.

She is exactly the type of teacher that Eva wanted because she approaches the subject with an open mind and allows healthy discussion on various topics.

Rosario calls out for Luisa and mentions that she was a teen mother as well. She recognizes Ana and they go out for a drink to catch up with each other.

They both dated Jose and even got into a physical fight one time. Rosario moved to Cali the next day and wasn’t seen again until now.

Jose is taken to jail for punching Professor Adolfo but Rosario convinces him to withdraw the complaint and picks Jose up.

She drives him back home and reveals that he is the father of her child The rest of Jose’s family also learns about Janet, Rosario’s daughter.

After a heated argument between Eva and Camilo regarding the concept of a nuclear family, Rosario suggests they have a debate in front of the class.

Camilo learns a lot during the debate and asks Rosario if he could meet Janet. He discovers that Janet has Down Syndrome, but they get along like regular siblings.

Rosario lets Jose spend time with Janet, initially under the condition that Camilo is there too.

She insisted that she was not asking Jose for anything and just believed he had the right to know. However, after spending more time with Janet, Jose says he would like to be more involved.

She says that if that is the case, then he will have to start paying child support as well. Rosario and Janet are also there for the birth of Luisa and Camilo’s child.

They become a part of this large blended family.

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