Rosaline ending explained: Did Rosaline win Romeo back?

Rosaline is a comical re-telling of the play Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare from the perspective of the titular ex of Romeo.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot Summary

Romeo sneaks to meet Rosaline from her balcony every night. They have to hide their romance because of the age-old rivalry between their families. 

Romeo confesses his love for her but she freezes and does not respond. To make up for the awkward conversation, she invites Romeo to her family’s masquerade ball. 

A few hours before the ball, Rosaline’s father sends her to meet a man he wants to set her up with. She is reluctant but her father forces her to go. She rejects Dario and tells him about her lover. She gets stuck on a boat due to a storm. Meanwhile, Romeo looks for her at the ball but bumps into her cousin, Juliet. 

Unaware of what had happened, Rosaline keeps writing letters to Romeo to apologise. Romeo does not reply to her. She follows him and catches him sneaking to meet Juliet and using the exact phrases he said to her to express his affection. She is heartbroken and decides to sabotage Juliet’s relationship to win Romeo back. 

She hides her past with Romeo from Juliet and gives her relationship advice pretending to be a concerned cousin. Juliet finds out the truth and points out Rosaline’s insecurity. 

Rosaline reads Romeo’s letter to Juliet asking her to meet him for their marriage. She runs to stop the wedding. Dario joins her to escort her through the forest. 

Rosaline ending explained in detail:

Does Rosaline reunite with Romeo?

Rosaline rushes with Dario to stop Romeo’s wedding with Juliet but is caught by the Montague guards. They are forced to return and she fails to stop the wedding. 

On their way back, Dario tells her what true love feels like and she starts softening towards him. She accepts her fate with Romeo and sends an apology letter to Juliet. 

To correct her mistakes, she devises a plan to help the couple run away together and escape their family. 

Do Romeo and Juliet die?

After the news about Romeo and Juliet’s affair spreads across the town, both of them are separated. Rosaline rushes to Juliet to help her but it is too late to stop Juliet. 

Juliet drank a potion to fake her death. Rosaline points out the stupidity of her plan and runs to inform Romeo about it before he kills himself after hearing the news of Juliet’s death. 

She and Dario then help Romeo and Juliet fake their death in a church and push their families to admit their guilt. After everyone leaves the church, Rosaline asks the lovers to get on Dario’s boat and leave for Cyprus. 

Romeo and Juliet leave Verona to escape their family and explore life together after their week-long romance.

What happens to Dario?

Dario told Rosaline he will be leaving Verona as he no longer has a reason to stay, hinting at her rejection of his proposal. On the day he is about to leave, she runs to him to ask for help with Juliet.

Both of them execute their plan to help the star-crossed lovers. He gives his boat to help Romeo and Juliet run away and asks Rosaline if she would ever be willing to do the same with him. They share a kiss and she tells him she will think about it.

They leave the port together. Rosaline asks Dario if people would remember their role in the story of Romeo and Juliet.

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