Robin’s death in Mirzapur season 3 explained

Robin is in love with Dimpy and he becomes a part of the family with Ramakant’s blessing.

After killing Maurya, Ramakant turns himself in to the police and accepts whatever punishment he is given.

However, the prosecution aims to fight dirty and suggests that he committed premeditated murder and deserves the death penalty.

His family pleads with him to fight back because he deserves a fair trial and punishment so Ramakant insists that the murder was in his son’s defense and not planned.

Ramakant does the best that he can but when IG Dubey lies on the stand under Madhuri’s orders, Ramakant accepts that the cards are stacked against him.

The judge delays his verdict and Madhuri and Sharad hope to use that to their advantage.

The straw that broke the camel’s back

The judge is transferred and a new judge is brought in to preside over the case. Guddu attends court that day to see the verdict and plans to raise hell.

Madhuri wants to use this opportunity to arrest Guddu, but Robin speaks up before the verdict is announced.

He says that he provided the evidence that led to Guddu’s arrest initially and that is being suppressed by the police.

The judge has no choice but to delay the verdict until the evidence is verified and Madhuri’s plan is foiled.

Robin, Dimpy, and Vasudha head back home and are relieved at what has happened. Dimpy is upset that Robin hid things from her but they make up.

Guddu watches all this and is already under stress because he believes Golu is dead. He talks about how his family has abandoned him.

Robin speaks up and says that it was Guddu’s actions that pushed his family away and he doesn’t deserve their support.

Guddu begins choking Robin and gouges his eyes until the table breaks down and Guddu kills Robin.

The police show up later and Vasudha confirms that Guddu killed Robin. They head to Tripathi mansion where Guddu voluntarily goes along with them as he is still in shock.

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