Who is Roberto? The Lying Life of Adults character explained

In ‘The Lying Life of Adults’, almost every other character admires Roberto, a religious public speaker whose words engross everyone he meets. Even Giovanna feels drawn toward him the moment he talks to her.

Giovanna got along well with Margherita and Enzo’s kids, Giuliana, Corrado, and Tonino, after being introduced to them by Vittoria. She eventually learned about Giuliana’s boyfriend, Roberto.

People who knew Roberto spoke highly of him. Tonino certainly respected him. Giovanna’s best friend and Tonino’s girlfriend, Angela, wondered what made him so special. He just seemed like a normal guy.

Giovanna didn’t pay attention to who Roberto is until she got to meet him before one of his speeches. Roberto gives a word written on a note to each and every person he knows every time he comes to town.

This time around, Giuliana told him about Giovanna, and he agreed to give her a word too. Before his speech, he sat down beside an exhausted Giovanna and offered to read the word he has given to her.

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He explained the meaning of ‘compunction’, the word she got from him, while Giovanna carefully listened. Giovanna felt that he is talking to her as if she really matters to him.

For the very first time, Giovanna wanted to make love to someone. Meeting Roberto encouraged Giovanna to read the gospel.

Giovanna makes an impression on Roberto

After a debate between the believers and non-believers at an event, Giovanna dares to ask Roberto about the way God works. An interesting conversation begins, and Roberto seems keen on answering every question Giovanna has.

Unfortunately, he had to leave for somewhere, and therefore, he couldn’t finish the conversation.

Who is Roberto? The Lying Life of Adults character explained 1
Giovanni spends an evening with Roberto

He asks Giuliana to bring Giovanna with her to Milan. Angela thinks that Giovanna has left an impression on Roberto. Before Giovanna could say another word, Vittoria confronted her for trying to steal Roberto from Giuliana.

Vittoria calls Giovanna a snake. Giuliana, on her side, doesn’t hold anything against Giovanna. She wholeheartedly invites her to Milan.

Giovanna decides not to be with Roberto

In Milan, while Giovanna competes with the intellect of Roberto and his friends, Giuliana grows insecure about her relationship with Roberto. On their way back home, she realizes that she has lost Vittoria’s bracelet. Luckily, it is with Roberto.

Giovanna, all alone, heads back to Milan to retrieve it. She spends some time with Roberto, but, at the end of the day, she decides not to sleep with him.

She notices how Roberto is just like all the other adults she knows. He gives the bracelet back as if it is a towel or toothpaste.

On top of that, he doesn’t even mention Giuliana once, who loves him so much. Giovanna then moves on. She picks up her bracelet and heads back home.

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