Who are Roberta and Beverly? Servant season 4 characters explained

In Servant season 4, Dorothy hires two live-in nurses, Roberta and Beverly, with the help of Kourtney, in an attempt to keep Leanne away from her.

Things have changed since the time Leanne first walked into the Turner household. Dorothy now knows who she really is. According to her, Leanne is evil. Leanne, on her side, continues to aid Dorothy and give her heart out to the Turner household.

Dorothy sees Leanne completely replacing her. Leanne is the one who looks after the house and Jericho now, just like Dorothy once did.

All of this leads Dorothy to be hostile towards Leanne, who tries her best to forgive and forget, but not for long.

As the animosity between them grows, Dorothy hires live-in nurses who will help her move as safely and as humanely as possible so that she won’t have to rely on Leanne anymore.

Roberta and Beverly get familiar with everyone

Roberta and Beverly put on a show for Sean, Leanne, and Julian in order to introduce themselves. They talk about themselves in a rhythmic and poetic manner.

The nurses claim to have seen hundreds of patients before, from Montclair to Monterey. Sean gives them a tour of their house. He is the only one left impressed by them.

Julian still hasn’t expressed anything. Leanne, most importantly, suspects them to be members of the Church of the Lesser Saints. They might be here to hurt her.

Who are Roberta and Beverly? Servant season 4 characters explained 1
Roberta and Beverly aid Dorothy

On their very first day, Roberta and Beverly cleverly observe everyone in the house. They encourage Dorothy with their sweet words and cheer everyone at the house with gifts such as books.

The nurses are quite warm, and they don’t try to just help Dorothy; they aim to help her whole family. Dorothy even manages to stand up on her own feet with these nurses by her side.

Though Dorothy fails to walk, it becomes clear that she trusts them more than anyone else in the house right now.

The nurses understand what she is going through and know what limits they should push her to. Dorothy likes their presence. She further asks for all the alternative methods they have for her.

Leanne confronts the nurses

While Sean and Dorothy wholeheartedly accept the nurses, Leanne doesn’t. Julian had already checked their references. They seem legitimate, but Leanne insists on looking harder.

She believes there will be something in their history—probably fake names, a missing piece of time, or an obituary.

Julian continues to investigate who they are at Leanne’s suggestion. The nurses order tons of things online. Julian is forced to take these boxes to their room.

Julian observes how they have decorated their room. When he discovers a box hidden under their beds, he starts suspecting that Leanne might be right, but he ends up finding nothing out of the ordinary inside it.

Leanne, on the other hand, doesn’t accept the gifts and suggestions handed to her by the nurses. She doesn’t even want them to be around Jericho. She immediately gets rid of the toy they placed in Jericho’s cradle for him.

When she comes across the same toy again in the cradle, she confronts them and asks them to make their move already. The nurses continue to be confused about Leanne and what she sees of them.

Roberta and Beverly’s observations

After spending an entire day in the Turner household, the nurses opt to talk things out with Sean. They put forth their observations.

According to them, Dorothy’s hope is waning quickly, Leanne mistrusts them, and Julian won’t open up to them, even though it is clear that he is struggling with something. Lastly, they like to think that the woman Sean loves resents him.

Sean says he is already aware of the fact that his house has fallen apart. The nurses suggest that they all need to be honest if they want Dorothy to heal. Therefore, he needs to tell them what they are missing.

Sean blames the losses they have suffered in this house for their condition. That’s why this family can’t cope. The nurses acknowledge what the family has been through and pitch a radical idea, which involves holding a séance for Dorothy.

The séance

Every member of the household is invited to the séance, where the nurses intend to help Dorothy talk to the spirits of the house. Dorothy is allowed to pour her heart out, where she confesses that she is longing for some guidance.

The belongings of the family’s lost ones aid the nurses in contacting the spirits. Roberta becomes the vessel, and she spots Dorothy’s Uncle Robert and her mother in her visions.

Roberta talks about how Dorothy used to sleep with her mother as a kid when she had bad dreams. Upon hearing that, Dorothy becomes convinced that her mother is talking to Roberta.

Who are Roberta and Beverly? Servant season 4 characters explained 2
Roberta becomes the vessel during the séance

Roberta claims that there is something else, more like a warning. She notices that the house in her visions is different from this house. The paint is peeling, and the walls and floors are rotting.

From the street, Roberta sees a dark shadow in the window of the house. She describes it as a black storm cloud. It feels evil and is tethered to this house and attached to this family.

Roberta also hears a baby crying. She says no one is coming to the baby’s aid. Dorothy wonders if it’s her grandmother’s baby, as she had lost a child. The wailing of the baby hurts Roberta’s ears. Roberta almost starts crying, and Sean asks her to stop immediately.

Time runs out, and Roberta says that they have to close the door to the other side now.

Leanne attacks Roberta

Before Roberta could wrap up, Leanne confronts her. She asks her to contact the spirits by reading her dagger. Leanne tries to remind Roberta how to use this dagger. Roberta, on her side, stays oblivious to what she is saying.

The moment Leanne describes the procedure to use the dagger, Roberta backs out in terror. Leanne then attempts to expose Roberta. She rips off her clothes from the back, hoping to see scars.

It turns out that Roberta has no scars on her back, which means she is not a member of the Church of the Lesser Saints. An embarrassed Dorothy orders Leanne to leave the room.

Julian later confronts Leanne, who admits that she would’ve killed Roberta if there were scars on her back.

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