Robbing Mussolini ending explained: Do Isola and his team get caught?

Robbing Mussolini is an action-thriller movie about the tale of an Italian group of thieves and antifascists who plan to execute an elaborate heist of a treasure belonging to Benito Mussolini.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot Summary

Pietro Lamberti or Isola, Marcello and Amedeo run contraband to gain profit during the second world war in Milan. Pietro is in love with Yvonne, a cabaret singer and the mistress of Mussolini’s secretary, Borsalino. 

Amedeo and Marcello intercept a message about a treasure belonging to Mussolini that is being shifted to Switzerland. The treasure is currently hidden in the city’s Black Zone. They devise a plan to execute the seemingly impossible heist and expand their team. 

Pietro asks Yvonne to help them get the required paperwork. He assures her that this heist would help them escape together. Borsalino catches Pietro secretly meeting Yvonne and warns him. Borsalino offers all the gold to Yvonne if she leaves with him. He leaves his wife for her. 

As the day of the heist comes close, Pietro visits Yvonne during her performance. He rushes to rescue her when she faints and Borsalino orders his arrest. Pietro takes Yvonne with him and hides. 

The entire plan is disrupted when Borsalino’s wife hears the plan. she proposes a 50/50 deal and offers relevant information. While the team gets ready to enter the Black Zone, Borsalino kidnaps Yvonne.

Robbing Mussolini ending explained in detail:

How does Yvonne escape?

Pietro fights with Yvonne about his plan to steal Mussolini’s gold. He questions the identity of the father of her child and she storms off in anger.

Borsalino uses the opportunity to kidnap her. He tells her this is the right choice and she deserves the security he offers. Borsalino’s wife, Nora, gets angry over his decision to leave her and kills him. 

Instead of releasing Yvonne, Nora holds her captive to blackmail Isola and steal the treasure.

Do Pietro and his team succeed?

The team steals weapons and enters the Black Zone. The plan does not unfold according to the expectations. Pietro’s entry to the building is halted by an identity check by an officer. Molotov is unable to leave the building after planting the bomb and dies embracing the spirit of anarchy.

The rest of the team collects the gold and tries to escape but they are stopped by Nora. Nora betrays her end of the deal and steals all the gold for herself using Yvonne to blackmail. 

The resistance group steps in to save the team. They take whatever is left while Pietro and Fabbri follow Nora to rescue Yvonne and the treasure.

Do Yvonne and Pietro end up together?

Fabbri, the expert driver of the group, and Pietro chase Nora. They kill Lombardi and Nora’s guards. During the chase, the car with the gold falls into a lake. 

Yvonne and Pietro make it out alive and Pietro takes out a wedding ring he found in Mussolini’s treasure which was donated to the government for war efforts. He gives the ring to Yvonne.

Fabbri tries to retrieve the treasure from the lake. Nora runs into the woods as the end of the war is announced by a news reporter.

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