Ridley Jones season 5 endings explained: All episodes

In the fifth season of Ridley Jones, the titular character embarks on new adventures as a full protector with the Eyes Team to protect the museum and its secrets. The fifth season is now streaming on Netflix. 

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Episode 1: Jones to the Future 

Ridley explores her new powers as a full protector. She, along with her mother and her friends, is taking the Heart of the Museum back to its original place, as the treehouse renovations are now over.

The group encounters bandits on their way, and Ridley asks her mother, Sarah, to protect the Heart of the Museum while she and the rest of the group distract the bandits. 

Sarah finds it hard to leave Ridley behind and comes back for her, putting the Heart of the Museum at risk. Ridley manages to save it, but it gets chipped. Sarah decides to retire as a protector, as she does not believe she is a good protector anymore.

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To convince her mother not to retire, Ridley decides to use her new powers to travel back in time to retrieve her mother’s favorite hat from her greatest adventure, despite the warnings from the Eyes Team.

Her mother’s greatest adventure involved her running into the treehouse when it was on fire to protect the Heart of the Museum, which allowed her to form a team and save the museum.

Ridley gets the hat easily, but when she gets back to her time, she realizes that her actions have changed the future for the worse. She goes back in time to return the hat, but she is too late.

In this timeline, Sarah never risked her life or formed a team. Ridley now tries to convince a young Sarah to form a team. Ridley convinces all her friends — Dudley, Fred, Peaches, Dante, and Ismat — who do not know her as of now to join the team.

However, she soon realizes that bringing together people is not enough to form a team. Sarah likes working alone and never truly takes charge. Finally, they end up in a dangerous situation because of Sarah, who confides in Ridley about her fears.

Once Ridley assures her that it is okay to fail, Sarah starts leading the team. They all come together to help each other, repair Ridley’s broken compass, and save the museum from lava. Sarah even risks her life to save the Heart of the Museum. 

With her mission accomplished, Ridley returns to the present and finds out that her mother has no plans to retire; Ridley successfully changed her future and made it even better this time. 

Episode 2: Ms. Peabody, I Presume?

Mr. Peabody brings his niece, Penny, to the museum one night and asks Ridley to keep her company. Ridley tries to hide the museum’s secret from her. Unaware that Ridley has a companion, her friends throw her a surprise party to celebrate her 100th adventure, which will be a treasure hunt.

Penny sees the living exhibits and decides to report it to her uncle, as she was sent there by him to spy. When Ridley pleads with her not to tell him anything, she promises to keep the secret safe in exchange for the treasure.

Ridley and her friends go treasure hunting with Penny. Eventually, after many challenges, they locate the treasure and hand it over to Penny, who tells them that she will be giving it to her uncle to help him take over the museum and sell everything.

Suddenly, Penny finds herself in danger, and Ridley still tries to save her, as it is her duty to protect others. Her friends also join her, and this changes Penny. She apologizes to them and befriends them.

Penny keeps the secret safe, and the treasure stays in the museum. Ridley’s mother gifts her a Hero’s Hand, which contains many useful tools inside it. As every skilled protector has it, Ridley also gets one after her 100th adventure.

Episode 3: Flight School Dropout

Dudley meets Stella, a bird he thinks is much cooler than him. Stella is fast, but her landings are messy. One such landing results in a ruby getting cracked. Ismat tells the Eyes Team about the Vermillion Star, a giant ruby that got lost in the Arctic exhibit.

The group decides to find it and replace the cracked ruby with it. However, they delay their trip due to a storm. Dudley, who cannot fly but wants to be cool, ignores the warning and joins Stella. They find the ruby but get stuck in the storm.

The Eyes Team realizes that Dudley has left without them and follows him to rescue him. Dudley shows courage and saves a stuck Stella before being found by his friends. Dudley finally decides that he does not like being reckless and that he is better off not leaping without looking.

Episode 4: Dante’s Jurassic Adventure

Dante is upset about a nest of eggs in the museum that has no parent looking after it. Using Ridley’s Compass Eye, the friends decide to go to the Jurassic period to check on the eggs. There, they meet a mother dinosaur whose tail is stuck under a boulder.

They help her get free and even save her eggs. However, one of her eggs gets taken by oviraptors, and Dante chases the raptors on his skateboard to retrieve the egg. He gets the egg and hands it over to the mother.

The eggs hatch, and the mother introduces Dante to her babies as their uncle. When the group returns to the museum, they find baby dinosaurs with their mother in the place where the lone nest of eggs used to be.

Episode 5: Lonny’s Ready!

The museum’s security guard, Lonny, wants to accompany the Eyes Team one night. They allow her to do so, as they do not have any mission that night. However, when Ismat’s crown sapphire goes missing, they have a mission on their hands.

Lonny is extremely clumsy and messes up their investigation at every step. Finally, in the Alpine exhibit, when she triggers an avalanche, the group complains to Ridley.

She acknowledges that Lonny has been messing up but explains to her friends that nobody is perfect; people learn and get better. However, Lonny only overhears the first part and gets upset.

When the group goes to apologize to her, they find out that she has been collecting all the clues, which helps them find the culprit. Bill, a bowerbird, has been taking shiny things without realizing that it is considered theft; Ridley gives shiny wrappers to appease Bill.

Thanks to Lonny’s work, everyone gets their things back. The Eyes Team wants her to be a part of their team and gives her the bandana to officially welcome her.

Episode 6: Makin’ Waves

The museum gets a pirate exhibit. A ship called Queen Barnacle with Captain Finn and two crew members, Chip and Tootles, is brought to the museum.

Mr. Peabody loves the exhibit but wants to send Captain Finn to the storage, as she is a woman. Even Dante does not believe that women pirates existed because they are not found in any book.

An angry Finn leaves the ship and tries to get a new crew consisting of Ridley and friends. Dante wants to take the ship to the sea, and Chip assumes the position of the captain for the same.

They soon get stuck at sea in a storm, and Captain Finn, along with Ridley and her friends, rides on a whale to rescue them. She once again takes command from a clueless Chip and steers the ship to safety.

Dante finally accepts that there were women pirates, even though they have been erased from history now. Ridley then puts on a dueling show with Finn, which convinces Mr. Peabody to keep Captain Finn on her ship.

Episode 7: Ismat’s Cat-tastrophe

Ismat’s fathers are putting on a fashion show, and her friends get to be a part of it. Her fathers also get a new cat, Cleo, who gets all the attention of her fathers and friends that Ismat used to get.

When Cleo rips Ismat’s bag, she yells at the cat, and Cleo runs away. The Eyes Team starts looking for the cat, but Ismat does not join them. The team tries hard, but they fail to bring Cleo back.

Ismat changes her mind when she sees her fathers upset and joins her friends to find Cleo. They manage to find the cat and bring her back safely. Ismat’s fathers then assure her that they are not replacing her, which makes Ismat accept Cleo.

Episode 8: Happy Herd Day

It is Herd Day, the most important day of Fred’s life — the day a baby bison becomes a full member of the herd. Fred is excited and meets their doting grandmother. However, Fred gets upset when their grandmother refers to them as Winnifred.

A lot has changed since Fred last saw their grandmother; she does not know that Fred is no longer Winnifred, as they identify themself as non-binary. Fred is unable to tell their grandmother this and stays distracted the whole day.

Finally, following their grandmother’s advice to be true to themself and with their friend’s support, they gather the courage to tell their grandmother the things that have changed in their life.

Their grandmother accepts them and apologizes for using the wrong pronouns. Fred then happily leads the herd with their heart.

Episode 9: Dino Versus Dodo

While collecting fossils with Ridley’s grandmother, the Eyes Team finds the fossil of a yutyrannus, which sparks a debate between Dudley and Dante regarding who is better — the birds or the dinosaurs.

The two compete in various ways, including leading a herd, solving a riddle, and judging who is better prepared for space, to resolve the matter but fail to reach a conclusion. Eventually, they decide to compete in sand surfing to find the answer once and for all.

Things do not go as planned, and the two friends end up saving each other, which makes them acknowledge each other’s qualities. They no longer care who is better, as they will be friends regardless of the answer, but they still participate in friendly competitions.

Episode 10: Ready, Pet, Go

When Ridley’s grandmother, Sarah, and the Eyes Team find a fossilized triceratops skeleton that comes to life, they all take it to the museum with them and name it Tibby.

As no one is able to take care of Tibby, Ridley adopts him. Tibby proves to be a handful, and Ridley realizes that perhaps her mother and grandmother were right about her not being ready to take the responsibility of a pet and decides to find someone else to adopt him.

Before that, she, along with her friends, must return a scroll to the Library of Thoth, which Tibby took away. Only the most advanced protectors can enter the library, as it is full of booby traps. If the scroll is not returned by midnight, the library will self-destruct.

The Eyes Team manages to get past the booby traps and return the scroll, but not without Tibby’s help. This makes Ridley realize that she cannot abandon Tibby because he is a part of her family now and love is forever.

Her friends assure her that she will be able to manage him with a little more training, and Ridley decides to keep Tibby.

Episode 11: Mummy Makeover

A new portrait exhibit in the museum has portraits of famous kings and queens. Ismat’s portrait is also put on the wall, but the other portraits do not accept her, as she does not look like a conventional royal to them.

Ismat then decides to change her appearance. Ridley does not want her to change herself but is ready to support her as a friend. Ismat even changes her skin color in the new portrait, which looks nothing like her.

The fire alarm goes off, and the sprinklers drench the portraits on the walls. Ismat sheds her new clothes and accessories to save the other portraits in time and realizes that she can be a better queen when she is herself.

The other portraits also acknowledge and accept her, and Ismat puts her original portrait back on the wall.

Episode 12: Peaches’ Speace Race

The Zenith exhibit comes to the museum and brings along Cookie, Peaches’ old rival who always managed to beat her and was chosen for the Zenith mission.

The two rivals plan to compete in a space race to decide who is better. They divide the Eyes Team between the two of them and begin the race. While Peaches is entirely focused on winning the race, Cookie enjoys the ride and makes the experience memorable for her crew as well.

Half of Peaches’ crew abandons her when they reach Jenison’s Comet and stays back with Cookie to study the surface of the comet. Peaches plants her flag and wins the race but finds herself in danger as the surface is made of ice and cracks when she plants the flag.

Cookie and the rest of the crew come to her rescue, and Peaches realizes the error of her ways. She was so focused on winning that she forgot to admire the beauty of the here and now.

The two rivals also realize that they have been inspiring each other to be better astronauts. They become friends and enjoy their time in space.

Episode 13: Pedro Busts a Move

Pedro is upset because he is moving to another museum with his mother. Ridley and her friends do not want him to move, so they come up with various ways to stop him. However, all their efforts fail.

Sarah talks to Ridley and makes her understand that she should be supporting her friend instead of trying to stop him because his life is going to change. By the time Ridley understands this, an upset Pedro runs away and is nowhere to be found.

Ridley guesses where he could have gone and saves him the way she always does. She then tells him that they will always be friends no matter where he goes, which gives Pedro the strength to accept the change.

Pedro gives Ridley Mr. Fish before leaving. Pedro and Ridley continue to keep in touch through the phone Ridley gave Pedro as a parting present. Pedro ends up liking his new home.

Episode 14: Ridley’s Christmas Carol

This is Ridley’s first Christmas with the Eyes Team, but Ridley soon finds out that Mr. Peabody hates Christmas and ruins it for everybody at the museum. Ridley reads A Christmas Carol to her friends to make them understand the true meaning of Christmas.

Mr. Peabody interrupts their celebration, but Ridley insists on continuing them. An accident results in the Eyes Team and Mr. Peabody seeing Mr. Peabody’s past, present, and future at the museum.

They find out that he used to love the museum and Christmas, but in the past, some boys stole the star from the tree and put the blame on him, which caused Ridley’s grandmother and Sarah to ask him to leave the museum. He has hated Christmas ever since.

In the present, the Eyes Team tries to make the best out of their circumstances. They manage to enjoy each other’s company, despite Mr. Peabody’s efforts to ruin the holiday.

In the future, Ridley comes home from college to find that Mr. Peabody’s plans always involved selling the museum. Her family cannot live there anymore, but they manage to be happy as they still have each other.

They get back to their present, and Ridley convinces Mr. Peabody that it was just a dream. The Eyes Team then finds the star that Mr. Peabody was blamed for stealing in the Arctic exhibit and returns it to its original place.

Ridley’s grandmother and Sarah feel sorry for treating Mr. Peabody in an unfair manner all those years ago, which results in Mr. Peabody allowing them to enjoy Christmas as they want instead of working. Ridley decides to tell Sarah about Mr. Peabody’s future plans some other day.

Episode 15: Game of Jones

Sarah’s old friend who lost her way a long time back, Dr. Amanda Wallis, comes to the museum with her two children and her gang to steal the famous Cinnabar Serpent from the museum.

Amanda’s greed got the best of her years ago when she started selling artifacts to private collectors for money. To prevent Sarah and the Eyes Team from following them, she creates a distraction, leaving them no choice but to save the Amazon River, which is full of traps.

Amanda continues putting her gang and her children in danger to get to the Cinnabar Serpent. Sarah’s Compass Eye disappears when Amanda causes damage in the museum.

After getting the Amazon situation under control, Sarah tries to talk to Amanda, whose children are left astonished after learning that Ridley is already a protector, but Amanda tricks her and proceeds forward with her gang.

Sarah tells the Eyes Team that the Cinnabar Serpent is one of the three mystical artifacts hidden in museums around the world.

When they are gathered, they provide the ability to return all artifacts to their proper time and place or gain control of any museum piece around the world, which would allow Amanda to steal any artifact.

Due to Amanda’s greed, a curse is unleashed, putting her gang as well as Sarah’s in danger. Sarah and the Eyes Team save each other and Amanda’s gang, but Amanda still steals the Cinnabar Serpent and leaves with her children.

Sarah continues to help two of Amanda’s teammates, Sibusio and Lawson, who have been left behind. They manage to stop the curse. Sibusio and Lawson no longer wish to work with a selfish Amanda and decide to stay at the Eyes Team’s museum.

Together, they all restore the artifact damaged by Amanda. Sarah is worried that Amanda will now go after the other two mystical artifacts, but Ridley reminds her that they have a loving family, which Amanda does not have.

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