Rhonda’s death in Mayor of Kingstown explained

Rhonda (played by Nona Parker Johnson) is the unfortunate victim of a turf war in Kingstown.

Rhonda is Bunny’s partner and she owns a salon thanks to him. She wanted to earn an honest living and had great ideas for her place.

The conflict between Bunny and the Russians started after Bunny found out that the Russians were spiking his drug supply.

Mike does his best to calm Bunny down and even visits Konstantin to get him to back off and avoid an all-out war.

Unfortunately, Bunny’s heightened emotions prevail and he decides to take action.

Collateral damage

Bunny’s men attack the Cavo Club while Mike and Iris are there. They survive along with Konstantin and Mike goes looking for Bunny.

He isn’t able to find him so he visits Rhonda to find out if she knows where Bunny might be. Men are stationed outside her salon to guard her, but she insists that she doesn’t know where Bunny is.

Bunny eventually approaches Mike and he agrees to lay low for a while till Mike figures out a solution to this situation.

Sadly his negotiations aren’t good enough as some men drive by Rhonda’s saloon and light it up with bullets, killing her.

Bunny is one of the first people on the scene and Mike asks him to make himself scarce and ensure that calmer heads prevail in the situation.

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