Resort to Love ending explained: Does closure lead to happiness?

Netflix’s ‘Resort to Love’ is a romance comedy produced by Alicia Keys starring Christina Milian, Jay Pharoah and Sinqua Walls in a love triangle.

Resort to Love follows aspiring pop singer, Erica (Christina Milian), whose dreams are crushed due to a listening party turned swank party.

Heartbroken from a broken engagement and feeling hopeless after the disastrous party, her best friend Amber (Tymberlee Hill), gets her a job as a lounge singer in a resort in Mauritius.  

To her surprise, she meets her ex-fiance Jason (Jay Pharoah) there, and as a bigger surprise, she learns that he is getting married at the 5-star resort and she will be singing at his wedding.

On an idle stroll across a beach at Mauritius, she attempts to rescue a drowning man and instead gets rescued by Caleb (Sinqua Walls), a retired Marine attending his brother’s wedding. 

Sparks fly between Erica and Caleb. However, Erica gets a reality check when she learns Caleb and Jason are brothers.

Who will Erica’s heart choose at the end?

Here is the Resort to Love ending explained in detail:

The escape

‘Resort to Love’ starts with Erica attending an important listening party. This party will supposedly bring her even closer to her dream of becoming a pop singer. However, things do not go according to her as Cree (Kayne Lee Harrison) crushes the latest record and stomps all over Erica’s dreams. 

A weeping Erica, at the bus stand with Amber, hears ‘No One’ by Alicia Keys being played by buskers. She bursts into a new set of tears and spills the beans of how her engagement was called off a month before her wedding and the song was to be their first dance as newlyweds song.

Sadden by the events of her reality, Erica stays at her home stuck to her couch until her social media magician best friend Amber gets her a job as a live singer at a 5-star resort. After some resistance, Erica accepts the job offer, a ticket to Mauritius.

The reunion

Upon her introduction to her new workplace, her heavenly escape turns hell when she learns she will also be a singer at the resort weddings. It’s quite a sight to see when she cries throughout her first wedding event.

Taking Barrington’s (T.J. Power) advice, she gets her groove back and starts enjoying the exotic views of her new temporary home. On a stroll at a beach two miles from the retreat, she almost drowns while saving a drowning man.

Enter Caleb, the retired marine officer, who saves them both from an untimely death. Sparks fly as Erica and Caleb converse and flirt.

The next morning, to Erica’s absolute surprise, she meets Caleb who is staying at the resort for his brother, In a shocking turn of events, Caleb’s brother is Erica’s ex-fiancé, Jason. The unplanned meeting leads to chaos. In Jason’s words, “I didn’t do 48 hours of therapy for this.”

Beverly (Cristiani Pitts), Jason’s fiance, believes the story that Erica is Jason’s friend from a book club in New York and invites her to a trek, breakfast and rest of the events leading up to her wedding.

The Closure

At the Bachelorette Party, Erica and Jason meet upon her ex-fiancé’s request. But it ends with Erica pushing him into the bushes because of a gecko sitting on his shirt. They try meeting again but Erica is stalled by Caleb and ends up spending the night at the beach meditating and talking.

During his Rehearsal Dinner, Jason texts Erica asking if they could meet at her place and she agrees. But to her surprise, when she answered the door, Caleb is at the other side.

Caleb has his doubts about how his little brother had cold feet and would probably stop by her room. They spend the night in Erica’s room watching movies. In the morning, Jason knocks on her door but is caught off-guard when he sees Caleb there. 

Storming out, Erica follows Jason and they talk. Jason explains how he loves Beverly. Erica replies “and Beverly Loves you”. They sort out their feelings and realize that they weren’t ready for marriage.

After learning about the truth from Jason’s mother, Beverly runs away from the venue but by chance, Erica takes refugee in her bus while running away from Beverly’s sister. 

Erica explains to the runaway bride that there isn’t anything between her and Jason. That Jason loves his current fiancé and all they needed was closure. Beverly agrees and they go to the resort for a beach wedding. At the reception, Erica changes the newly-married couples wedding song from ‘Diamonds’ by Rihanna to ‘No One’ by Alicia Keys.

After the tribute to the newlyweds, Erica hops down the stage and into Caleb’s arms, a happy ending.

The film ends with a scene where Caleb and Erica jump off a cliff and into the sea.


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