Reign Supreme ending explained: How is NTM formed?

Reign Supreme, also known as ‘Le Monde de Demain’, is a French series that chronicles the birth of the renowned French hip-hop group NTM as well as the advent of hip-hop culture in France. The series is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

In 1983, Daniel has a revelation in California and returns to Paris with a mind to become a DJ because he thinks DJing has much scope in France.

Daniel is attempting to navigate his way through each day by hopping between illegitimate independent radio stations in the La Chapelle neighbourhood.

He falls in love with Beatrice, whom he tells about his aspiration to become a DJ. To create his own record, he tries to illegally get various technical instruments for musical creation.

To make an album, Daniel and his companion come up with inventive solutions. In the moniker of “DeeNasty”, he makes his debut album, ‘Panama City Rappinn’, which he claims to be the first French rap. None of the record stores purchases it, discouraging his endeavour.

Bruno Lopes and Didier Morville Bruno, two young people, play as rivals and tease one another anytime they cross paths.

Bruno’s parents want him to attend Lens and play soccer games at school, but he is more interested in the new hip-hop style. Didier attempts to escape his abusive father, who is quite harsh with him.

When Bruno finally attempts to get into hip hop one day, Didier joins him, and the two of them impress each other with their dance prowess.

Joining a group of breakdancers allows Bruno and Didier to get to know one another better and begin their hip-hop training. They engage in a dance battle with Paris City Dancers (PCD) which ends up in a fight.

A high school student and graffiti artist named Vivi bursts onto the sceneToto find her missing father, she approaches an old lady who is a fortune teller and obtains his number.

When she says her name, he shuts up the phone, and she realises he deserted her mom and her on purpose. She begins to identify herself as ‘Lady V’ in graffiti on the walls of the buildings. She later befriends a gang led by ‘Mad’, a graffiti artist. 

Daniel begins spinning DJ tracks in public areas by charging visitors a small fee in Francs. When Bruno learns about the event, he attends it with his pals. Bruno was already interested in graffiti and tagging when Didier returned from Italy.

By chance, Bruno sees Vivi on TV and develops feelings for her. At the DJ parties that Daniel throws, Bruno and his crew start spray-painting graffiti on the walls.

Daniel gets arrested as the police crash into one of his parties and hits the crowd. Following the unrest, Didier is compelled to join the military, while Bruno begins working in banking.

After a year, Didier returns and joins hands with Bruno again to make Rap popular. They register for a French rap performance that is paying.

As Kool Sheen and Joeystarr, Bruno and Didier create the rap duo “Nique Te Mere” (NTM). Despite having a good debut performance that attracts a sizable audience, they turn down a call from a popular studio.

Vivi has problems at school when she joins hip-hop dance classes. When she is threatened to be expelled from school by the principal her mother takes her side.

At the same time, Daniel loses his studio floor and other rappers attempt to stir trouble inside Radio Nova. When all his works are turned down by the studios, he tries to reach Beatrice, who leaves him following an argument. 

Following theitelevision appearanceon, NTM agrees to make three albums under the terms of a deal with another studio. Didier’s careless actions put the group in additional danger.

Later on, though, Didier realises that he should be devoting his time and talents to rescuing France from the upheaval; as a result, he works hard with Bruno to create new music. The last episode of the series features the storied concert that was illuminated in March 1991 at Mantes-la-Jolie.

Reign Supreme ending explained in detail:

Does Daniel sell his first album?

When Daniel takes his new album to a record dealer, he turns him down and calls his French rap horrible. Beatrice boldly argues with him about the importance and value of the new recording by Daniel.

He gets upset when his album is unsold but Beatrice encourages him and says that it has the best tracks.

Later, he organises small events with an entry fee along with Beatrice at which he plays as a DJ. He was addressed as DJ ‘Dee Nasty’ by some of Bruno’s friends and his creativity in musical compositions made him quite popular.

Do Bruno and Didier defeat PCD?

When Didier was forced by his father to join the postal service by giving an entrance examination, he packs his bags and gets out of the house. He accepts the opportunity handed over to him by a show organiser to be a part of a dance TV show in Milan, Italy.

While he travels to Milan, Bruno waits for him at the basketball court to practise hip hop.

Didier comes back home after 6 months in Italy with a lot of money hidden in his jacket. Bruno was quite mad at him for disappearing for months. Didier befriends ‘Solo’ from PCD who turned into a rapper and parties at his house.

He finally lands himself a job returning clothes for shoots, assigned by Solo’s girlfriend. Bruno and Didier never held hands together to defeat PCDs in a dance battle. 

Do Vivi and Bruno fall in love?

While Bruno was enthused by Vivi, he tries to meet her at one of Daniel’s DJ parties. He openly tells Mad that he is looking for Lady V. during a night party Vivi comes to meet Bruno and he gets stunned.

She joins the crowd and starts dancing with her friend while Dee Nasty plays music.

Bruno shows off his hip-hop skills thus Vivi’s and Bruno’s eyes tangle. When the police enter the scene and start trashing the crowd, Bruno holds Vivi and they start kissing in the chaotic background. They start hanging out together and sharing their dreams.

How does the band get the name ‘NTM’?

Didier and Bruno start attending DJ parties organised by Daniel as DJ ‘Dee Nasty’. At the party, one of Bruno’s friends suggests the name “Nique Te Mere” for the graffiti crew, which they also use for their band.

After their first rap performance, the band’s name gains popularity in Paris.

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