The conflict between Refugio and Victoria in Against the Ropes (2023) explained

In Against the Ropes (2023), Refugio and Victoria hide the reason they don’t get along anymore from Angela until she overhears them talking about it during a sparring session.

When Refugio criticizes Angela for keeping secrets from her own daughter, Rocio, Angela gives it back to her by asking what happened between her and her mother, Victoria.

Angela had overheard her mother saying that she will never forgive Refugio for what she did to her. Refugio claims that Victoria stopped talking to her because she borrowed a dress from her and never gave it back.

Angela doesn’t believe that this is why they don’t talk to each other anymore. Refugio’s revelation later turns out to be a lie when Victoria comes to confront her.

The truth behind Refugio and Victoria’s animosity

Victoria arrives at Refugio’s after learning what she has told Angela. She comes looking for a fight. Initially, Refugio shows no interest in fighting with her, but she doesn’t hold back when Victoria hits her with a clothesline.

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The conversation during the fight becomes intense. Victoria eventually comes down to the topic. She asks Refugio why she did what she did.

Back in time, when Victoria got pregnant with Angela, she quit wrestling. Anibal, Victoria’s husband, and Refugio continued to follow their dreams while Victoria took a backseat.

The conflict between Refugio and Victoria in Against the Ropes (2023) explained 1
Refugio admits her guilt

During their time away, Refugio and Anibal grew closer and ended up sleeping with each other. Refugio thinks it’s not her fault that Victoria quit, but when Victoria reminds her that she was her best friend, Refugio realizes her mistake.

Refugio then admits that she was an idiot and that she will never forgive herself. She doesn’t expect Victoria to forgive her either. Angela overhears this conversation and abandons Refugio as her coach immediately.

Refugio and Anibal’s affair forced Victoria to ask her husband to go far away from them. She told her daughter that he is dead and kept her whole family away from wrestling from that point on.

Do Refugio and Victoria reconcile?

Victoria later comes seeking Refugio’s help when she struggles with her new boyfriend, Gabriel. Refugio then retells Victoria that she doesn’t know how sorry she is for what she did.

Refugio begs for forgiveness and asks her to trust her again, just like they used to trust each other in the ring, not knowing if the other person will catch them when they jump from the top rope.

They both admit that they were idiots for fighting over someone like Anibal. Victoria finally calls Refugio her friend. They both get emotional and give each other a hug.

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