Reese Hackford: Vacation Friends 2 character explained

In Vacation Friends 2, Reese Hackford is the father of Kyla. He surprises his daughter by showing up during her vacation with Ron and their friends. Steve Buscemi plays Reese.

Reese Hackford shows up at the Kim Wae Hotel to surprise Kyla after being released from San Quentin. Reese and Kyla both share the same sense of humor and have a knack for pulling off similar kinds of pranks on others.

Reese decided to crash this honeymoon of hers because he wanted to make up for not being present during many of the important moments of his daughter’s life.

Reese ends up being another problematic individual that Marcus wants to keep away from his business deal. Meanwhile, Ron struggles to win Reese’s approval, as it seems like Reese doesn’t like his son-in-law that much.

Suspicions around Reese

Reese says he was in the import and export business, and due to some tax write-offs, he got arrested and sent off to prison for eight years. Marcus and Emily don’t buy Reese’s story, and they don’t believe in anything he has to offer.

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Reese tells his daughter to give him 40–50 grand to invest in a cryptocurrency called SCOM-coin, which he thinks is going to be huge and will help her with her future.

Furthermore, Reese says he has never been to the Caribbean before, but he knows some of the people here. All of this makes Marcus and Emily suspect that Reese is up to something.

Reese’s goal

So it turns out that Marcus and Emily are right, as Reese is trying to come to an agreement with a drug lord named Warren. When Reese got out of prison, he learned from one of his prison mates named Frankie that a plane down in the waters of Cuba has five million dollars in it.

Reese Hackford: Vacation Friends 2 character explained 1
Reese deals with Warren

The money belongs to Warren. Reese is ready to give him the coordinates to the plane if they can come to an agreement. When they fail to reach a deal, Reese retrieves the money with the help of his friend, Jerome.

Unfortunately, while Jerome runs away with his share, Reese loses the rest of the money in a plane crash. Reese ends up endangering his life along with that of Kyla, Ron, Marcus, and Emily, who are brought in by Warren.

Ron saves Reese

Throughout the film, Ron goes above and beyond to make sure that Reese starts liking him. Kyla fears that two of her favorite people will hate each other, and Ron doesn’t want that to happen.

Reese continues to hate Ron until Ron saves him from Warren. Ron invests in the crypto Reese talked about and gets enough amount to pay Warren and convince him to let Reese go.

The truth about Reese’s release

Things go back to normal as Reese accepts Ron as his son-in-law. During the final moments of Vacation Friends 2, the FBI shows up to arrest Reese, who confesses that he didn’t get released from prison; he kind of broke out.

However, it was all worth it as he got to meet his daughter, his son-in-law, and his grandson. Reese also admits that Ron was right; he was threatened by Ron because Ron is great in all the ways he can’t be.

Reese apologizes to Ron and tells him that he can’t imagine a better son-in-law than him. Following that, Reese bids everyone goodbye as he is taken back to prison for another 10–20 years.

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