Red Daggers in Ms. Marvel explained

Episode 4 of Ms. Marvel introduces the audience to the local vigilante group in Pakistan that fights off threats of unknown origins.

Kamala comes across the Red Daggers during her visit to Karachi and they welcome her because of her heritage and offer to help her, but who exactly are they?

Guarding against the Noor Dimension

When Kamala heads to the train station because her only lead was the old train to Karachi, she is attacked by Kareem who says that he could ‘sense the Noor’. They have a small scuffle before Kareem realises that Kamala is not an outright Clandestine.

He takes her back to their secret base where she meets Waleed who tells her all about the Red Daggers and their mission to protect the public from threats. He says that Kamala’s great-grandmother’s story is of legend and he exhibits significant knowledge of the Clandestines and where they come from, which is the Noor Dimension.

Red Daggers in Ms. Marvel explained 1
Waleed and Kareem help Kamala understand her abilities

Waleed explains that Kamala’s genetics are why she’s able to project the Noor within this dimension. He even gives her vest, stating that there is history flowing through every thread of the fabric.

He and Kareem were well trained in fighting techniques and expert mastery of throwing knives. They draped themselves with a red scarf protecting their identity.

In the comics

The Red Dagger mantle is only held by one person rather than a group as it is in the television series. Kareem’s character in the comics is a young boy who lived with Kamala’s grandmother while studying for his university entrance exams.

Red Daggers in Ms. Marvel explained 2
Kareem (Red Dagger)

His look and abilities have not been altered all that much either with Kareem being an expert marksman and similarly wearing a traditional attire rounded off with a red scarf.

He visited New Jersey on an exchange program and lived with Kamala and her family during that time.

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