What happened to the real Hsueh Hsin-ning in The Victims’ Game?

Hsueh Hsin-ning is the new medical examiner working on the case reopened by Prosecutor Chang Keng-hao.

Hsueh Hsin-ning is the medical examiner working with the police and she finds new evidence that suggests Lin Ching-jui tampered with the investigation.

When Hsiao Min-chun is found dead, Hsin-ning discovers Fang’s DNA on the body but agrees to keep it under wraps for a while.

She doesn’t trust Fang and believes the forensic investigator overlooked his mentor’s indiscretions in this case.

However, she agrees to help him investigate the case and find out who the real culprit was in the deaths of the children and who is responsible for killing the others involved.

When Fang notices that Min-chun’s body has been sent to be cremated before the case is closed, he tests the DNA on her clothing.

He discovers that it doesn’t match Min-chun’s clothing and realizes that there is something suspicious about Hsueh Hsin-ning.

A huge sacrifice

The prosecutor discovers that Hsueh Hsin-ning drew out a life insurance policy five years ago in her name which transferred her assets to Hsiao Min-chun.

With Hsiao-meng’s help, they figured out where Hsin-ning worked and checked the records of that hospital.

They discovered that Hsin-ning and Hsiao-meng were colleagues there and Hsin-ning died of cancer five years ago.

Hsiao-meng underwent multiple plastic surgeries to adopt Hsin-ning’s identity and insert herself into the investigation to prove that her daughter was murdered.

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