Reacher (2022) summary and ending explained

‘Reacher’ is an action-thriller series based on the Jack Reacher book series written by author Lee Child. The first season is an adaptation of Child’s first book of the series, ‘KIlling Floor’.


Jack Reacher(Alan Ritchson) is stopping by at Margrave, Georgia on a whim when he gets arrested by local police on the suspicion of murder. He meets inspector Roscoe Conklin(Willa Fitzgerald) and chief detective, Oscar Finlay(Malcolm Goodwin) who question him regarding his last 24 hours.

While he’s in lock-up, they question Paul Hubble(Marc Bendavid) since his number was found on a note in the victim’s shoe. Paul seems nervous and shifty and confesses to the crime even though he doesn’t know the specifics. They take him in as well and the two of them are sent into county jail while their alibis are confirmed.

Reacher and Hubble are attacked inside the jail but Reacher manages to fight them off. When he eventually gets out he’s curious to find out why someone would want him dead. In the process of the investigation, he realizes that the first body that dropped was his older brother, Joe, who worked for the government.

Soon after the chief of police is also killed, with the mayor(Bruce McGill) appointing himself acting chief and sending Finlay on a wild goose chase. Reacher, Finlay and Roscoe conclude that the mayor is dirty along with possibly several other cops and decide to work the case on their own.

They’re told by the medical examiner the second body was of one Pete Jobling who was a commercial truck driver connected to Kliner industries. Immediately all their suspicions are pointed towards Kliner Sr. (Currie Graham) who has been pumping money into this small town for some reason.

Roscoe reaches out to homeland security to get more information on what Reachers brother was working on. Finlay enlists the help of his contact in the FBI, agent Picard(Martin Roach). Kliner Jr. (Chris Webster) harasses Roscoe because of her new friendship with Reacher.

With Picard’s help, they find where Joe stayed last and they track it down. They manage to get a hold of his belongings with a note that had the phone numbers of his various leads.

Reacher calls an old army buddy, Neagley(Maria Sten) who helps him track down one of the leads. Meanwhile, Roscoe gets fired by the Mayor for not following orders while Finlay decides to break into Kliner industries to carry out an illegal search. While he’s there he runs into the dead body of Kliner Sr.

Reacher and the others narrow down the case to a counterfeiting operation but struggle with the specifics. He heads out to New York to meet with one of Joe’s clients. After their meeting, Reacher can tie all the threads together and figure out their next steps.

On Reacher’s return, yet another body drops with a police officer being killed along with his wife. Reacher decides to set a trap for them at the Hubble’s house and takes them out one by one. Roscoe heads out to protect Mrs Hubble and her kid and stays at Picard’s place because nowhere else was safe.

Some men are sent after Finlay but he manages to escape them and meets up with Reacher. They get their hands on some key evidence to take down the whole operation and are headed to meet Picard when Reacher gets a call from Neagley. She tells him that her digging led to a dirty agent in the FBI whose partner happens to be Picard.

Ending of Reacher explained in detail(Episode 8: Pie):

Wolf in sheep’s clothing

Reacher walks into his meeting with Picard to see him, Kliner Jr and the mayor holding a gun to Finlay’s head. They tell him that they’ve got Mrs Hubble and her kids held hostage along with Roscoe at their warehouse.

Picard tells them that it was very easy to take all the money offered to him in exchange for protection. He hoped that they would falter on their way but somehow they managed to continue their investigation. Kliner Jr tells Reacher that they’re still looking for Paul Hubble, and it’s his job to find him along with Picard or else they’ll kill Roscoe and the others.

Reacher looks at a map and figures out where Paul would be hiding. He then manages to lose Picard and retrieves Paul on his own. They head back to Margrave where Reacher sets a plan in motion to attack the warehouse.

Raiding the castle

Finlay was handcuffed and being held in the cell at the police station where officer Baker (Hugh Tompson) was beating him up for fun. Reacher drives into the police station in a truck and rams into Baker, killing him.

Finlay is glad to see Reacher and Paul, and they begin to stock up on weapons from the station for their assault. They’re joined by Neagley who figured out that Reacher was in trouble and need the extra help.

They eliminate the guards outside, set a fire inside to cause havoc and confusion and then make their way in. Reacher hands Paul a gun and tells him to get his kids out of there. Finlay, Neagley and Reacher take out the rest of the men while smoke fills up the room.

Picard manages to reach the warehouse and gets into a firefight with Finlay. Just when he looks like he has the upper hand, Finlay catches him off guard and kills him under a hydraulic press.

Roscoe is freed by Reacher and given a gun. She heads out in search of the mayor and the two of them get into a scuffle. Roscoe finally subdues him but when he reaches for a gun, she shoots him twice in the head.

Roscoe, Finlay and Neagely get out after the Hubble family, leaving Reacher inside with Kliner Jr.

Just a drifter passing by

Kliner Jr. goes searching for Reacher while narrating a story about how he hunted down a rhinoceros once. Reacher distracts him and the two of them duke it out until Kliner Jr. is pushed back into the flames and gets burned alive. Reacher manages to survive the explosion and gets out in one piece.

He says goodbye to Roscoe, suggest that she run for mayor so that she can fix up her town. He also tells her that he deeply cares about her.

He then meets with Finlay, who orders him a slice of pie so that he can finally taste it. Finlay says that he plans on going back to Boston and moving on in life. Reacher says he’s happy about the time he spent with him.

Then Reacher sets out, walking along the road with no idea where life will take him next.

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