Rama Reddiyar: Tooth Pari: When Love Bites character explained

In Tooth Pari: When Love Bites, Luna Luka holds a personal grudge against Ora’s clan of vampires, as she also shares a past with a man named Rama Reddiyar, who is part of that clan.

Luna Luka brings the members of the Cutmundus back together after hearing the news of Ora’s clan being active again. She not only tracks one of Ora’s vampires, Sreela, down but also severs her head and sends it to Ora through AD.

While she asks for the location of Ora’s clan, AD questions why she is desperately hunting them down. Luna Luka refrains from answering the question.

Later, when Roy introduces Rumi to his friend, Ian, Rumi comes across Ian’s old pictures from his theater days. She sees Luna Luka in one of those pictures. Back then, Luna Luka went by the name “Luna Iyer” and was part of Ian’s group called The Amateurs.

Rumi inquires more about Luna Luka, and Ian reveals that she joined the theater only because she was in love with a man named Rama Reddiyar. When Rama disappeared out of nowhere, Luna left too.

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From Ian’s picture, Rumi wasn’t able to make out what Rama looked like. So she asked for more pictures of Luna Luka and Rama.

Who is Rama Reddiyar?

When Roy and Rumi are caught together, AD tasks Rumi to kill Luna Luka if she wants to stay in Ora’s clan; she had already broken rules by entering the human world and now had fallen in love with a human.

Rama Reddiyar: Tooth Pari: When Love Bites character explained 1
The picture of Luna Iyer and Rama Reddiyar

To ensure her life as well as Roy’s, Rumi starts figuring out a way to intimidate and kill Luna Luka, but first, she goes to Roy’s house to comfort his family and ends up discovering the envelope Ian has left for her.

The picture inside the envelope reveals that Rama Reddiyar is none other than Amar, who is part of Ora’s clan. He regularly supplies vampire blood to AD in the hospital and wants Rumi to pay for her deeds.

Rama Reddiyar’s story

Rumi gets sub-inspector Kartik on her side by offering him a vampire from Ora’s clan so that he can prove to the world that his father isn’t a liar or crazy because vampires do exist.

Kartik invites Luna Luka to unveil the vampire in front of everyone, and that vampire turns out to be Amar, also known as Rama Reddiyar. Luna Luka isn’t intimidated by him. She proceeds to share who he is and what his story is, even if she has a part in it.

Apparently, Rama Reddiyar was once king of the Calcutta stage in the 1960s. He was 22 years old and had dreams of becoming a huge star in the Bombay film industry.

To keep himself forever young, Rama allowed a vampire to bite him. Rama had also given up on his romance with Luna Luka so that he could romance the camera. He became young forever, but unfortunately, since he also became a vampire, the camera was no longer able to capture him.

Do Rama and Luna Luka end up together?

After exposing Rama to the world, Luna Luka talks to him all alone. Rama attempts to please his former lover. Rumi had pinned the death of Haru da, one of the members of Cutmundus, on Rama. She had also blamed him for converting a human.

Rama Reddiyar: Tooth Pari: When Love Bites character explained 2
Rama attempts to please Luna Luka

Rama tried to explain to Luna Luka that those are all lies and that Rumi is the one who did all of this. Luna Luka doesn’t buy this, and when he says that he can protect her, she lets him know that only she can protect herself.

Rama then makes one final move. He promises to take her to Ora’s clan. Luna Luka doesn’t fall into his trap. She stabs him before he could bite her.

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