Rainbow ending explained: Does Dora find her mother?

Rainbow is a Spanish drama that tells the story of Dora, a sixteen-year-old girl who leaves her home and sets out with her dog to find her mother. The movie is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Dora is a 16-year-old girl who lives in a small town with her father, Diego Galan, and a dog named Toto.

When her father asks her to pick up her birthday cake from the shop, she overhears a conversation about how Dora resembles her mother, rather than her father.

She celebrates her 16th birthday with her father that night, who begins reminiscing about her childhood and how she changed his life.

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Dora, on the other hand, asks him about her mother’s whereabouts and why she abandoned her. When Diego refuses to answer her questions, she sets off to find her mother with her dog.

She visits Weizegs’ house, where her mother used to work, and learns about her grandmother, Maribel, who lives with Coco Weizegs.

She also meets her cousin there, who provides her with the address of another place where her mother, Pilar, was last seen in the capital city.

Maribel and Coco argue about Dora’s sudden arrival in their lives. During their heated argument, Coco accidentally shoots her husband, who was gravely ill and had just passed away.

At that moment, his attorney arrives and refutes the claim, saying that no one will think the second-richest guy died in such a manner.

In a panic, Coco accuses Dora of killing her husband, but before they can call the police, Dora flees.

Detective Antonio begins his investigation at Coco’s house, where Coco accuses Dora of breaking in and killing her husband. Maribel admits that Dora is her granddaughter, whom she had assumed died at birth.

Coco’s lawyer, Felix, brings up the will. According to that will, since Coco’s husband Arturo had no children, Coco is the sole heir to the property.

With that, Coco also announces that she is 3 months pregnant as a result of the costly fertility treatments.

Dora continues her journey to the capital city, but along the way, she encounters Muneco, a drug addict; Mr. Bubalu, who tries to commit suicide by jumping over a cliff; and Akin, who often gets beaten up by his brother for being different.

They all accompany Dora on her quest to find her mother.

Meanwhile, Coco threatens Maribel that if she wants to continue living with her and take over the company, she must help her find Dora and get rid of her.

As instructed by her cousin, Dora and her three companions go to the motel in the capital city to find her mother.

The owner of the motel discloses that Pilar worked there a year ago. Dora can find her mother working in Chinatown now.

Coco loses her child due to a miscarriage and blames Maribel for everything. Maribel, who is heartbroken, confesses that she gave up her daughter, Pilar, solely to be with her and decides to leave Coco.

Rainbow ending explained in detail:

Why does Coco frame Dora for murder?

Dora follows the address given by the motel owner, which leads her to Chinatown. But Maribel appears instead of her mother, revealing that Dora’s life is in danger since Coco is after her.

When Dora questions why Coco is accusing her of murder, Maribel finally reveals that 16 years ago, on the day Dora was born, Coco discovered Pilar was pregnant with her husband’s child.

She grew violent and aggressive towards Pilar and tried to murder her child, but Pilar vanished that day and blamed her mother for ruining her life.

She further reveals that Dora is Arturo’s only child who can inherit all of his money, which is why Coco is attempting to frame her.

How does Dora inherit the property?

When the police arrested Dora, Detective Antonio informed Diego that she would be released immediately because security footage from the murder scene indicated that it was an accident.

Dora confronts Diego about not being her biological father as he decides to take her back home.

Dora runs away and later takes a DNA test with the help of Maribel, which reveals that she is the daughter of the deceased Arturo.

As a result, she inherits two-thirds of his estate, with the remaining two-thirds going to Coco. According to the new will, they are the sole shareholders of the W business empire.

What happens at the party?

Maribel pays a visit to Coco to get her things after assisting Dora in gaining her rightful inheritance.

Coco wants her to come back to live with her. She confesses her genuine love for Maribel, who eventually decides to return.

As the new business partners, Coco and Maribel plan a lavish celebration and invite Dora.

When she shows up for the celebration with Muneco and Mr. Bubalu, Maribel learns that Coco is trying to kill Dora. She then poisons Coco’s drink and kills her instead.

Does Dora get to meet her mother?

Dora makes the decision to go back home to her father after the party and makes a call to Diego.

She then stops at a diner on the way home and learns that the woman working there is named Pilar, from her nametag.

While gazing longingly in her mother’s direction, she chooses not to reveal her identity and leaves the diner.

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