Raghav Sinha: Made In Heaven season 2 character explained

In the second season of Made In Heaven, Tara starts dating a chef named Raghav Sinha after separating from Adil. Ishwak Singh plays the role of Raghav.

Raghav is a close friend of Kabir’s, and Tara meets him at Kabir’s house. Now that Tara and Adil are getting a divorce and Adil is dating Faiza, Tara can date other men.

Tara approaches Raghav and chastises him for criticizing the food. She then tells him that she was just pulling his leg. She certainly makes an impression, and the two of them start flirting. Soon, Tara starts dating Raghav.

When Tara needs to be comforted after seeing Adil and Faiza together at an event, she goes to meet Raghav. Their relationship is sweet, but Tara’s mother believes that Raghav will never be able to give Tara what she wants in life.

Two different worlds

After being married to Adil for four years, Tara is used to Adil’s world of luxury. Raghav’s world is very different from that of Adil’s; he is a chef and owns a restaurant called The Kitchen.

When Tara is in France and needs money urgently for a wedding, she calls Raghav, but he fails to help her, which disappoints Tara. Soon after, Adil finds out about her relationship with Raghav and plans to use it to prevent Tara from getting a share in his father’s company.

Raghav tries to comfort Tara, but she lashes out. The money does not matter much to Raghav, and he asks Tara to let it go, but it matters a lot to Tara. The two of them do not see eye to eye, and she asks him to leave.

Made In Heaven season 2 Raghav
Tara meets Raghav’s parents

She later apologizes to him, and he introduces her to his parents. His parents are also simple people, and after meeting them, Tara finds out what it means to have a family where no one has an agenda.

Tara realizes just how different her choices and needs are from Raghav’s when they go on a vacation together. Raghav likes his friend’s modest resort, but Tara is left disappointed once again, as she was looking forward to the kind of hotel experience that she used to have with Adil.

Finally, when Tara gets the Khanna house in divorce and asks Raghav to move in with her, but Raghav refuses. He does not think that the house is Tara’s or that she is entitled to it, but he fails to change her mind.

Tara believes that she deserves to have this house. She tells Raghav that he can live wherever he wants, but he should not think that he can ever make that decision for her. Tara’s words make Raghav understand how different the two of them are, and he walks away.

Tara later tells Karan that only the two of them will be living in the house, suggesting that her relationship with Raghav is over.

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