Rachel Stone: Heart of Stone character explained

Rachel Stone, Heart of Stone’s protagonist, is a superspy who works for a secret agency and prevents the agency’s powerful AI technology from being misused. Gal Gadot plays the role of Rachel Stone.

In Heart of Stone, Rachel Stone is an MI6 agent. She is a hacker, not a field agent, and her job does not require her to get into dangerous situations. Her team believes that she cannot fight, so they try to protect her whenever they face a threat.

However, what they do not know is that Stone is a highly skilled spy. She works for a secret agency called the Charter. She saves her team’s lives and cleans up their messes without their knowledge. She hides all this from her team because she is currently undercover.

Rachel Stone’s past

Stone is a reliable spy now, but that was not always the case. When she was younger, she was alone and helpless. She rebelled, fought, and was considered a problem. She was kicked out of several schools.

That changed when she met Nomad, who became her mentor. She trained Stone and provided her with the discipline that she craved and needed. Stone’s life changed when Nomad showed her what is possible when someone has her back. 

The Charter saved her and gave her a chance to be better. Stone, who was once broken, grew as a person and became a Charter spy, codenamed Nine of Hearts.

A spy who thinks and cares

The Charter has an AI technology called the Heart, which does all the thinking for the spies. It gives them the best odds in every situation, and the spies are expected to follow the instructions.

However, Stone cannot follow the Heart’s instructions blindly. She thinks for herself, follows her instincts, and takes into account her emotions. When her team gets attacked in Lisbon, they secure a safe exit for her and stay back to fight the assailants.

As a Charter spy, Stone is not supposed to have friends or relationships, but she starts caring about her team, so instead of following the Heart’s instructions and leaving, she goes back in and helps her team. She rescues them, but she also ends up blowing her cover. 

Heart of Stone Rachel Stone
Stone reveals her real identity

The minute Parker finds out that Stone is the Charter spy who had infiltrated MI6, he kills the other two members of her team — Yang and Bailey. Nomad blames Stone for their murder, as she believes that her team was killed because Stone did not listen to the Heart.

Stone’s decision to blow her cover also results in Keya and Parker hacking the Charter’s system and finding out about its location. Nomad then stands Stone down, as Stone has been compromised and the other Kings does not know if she can be trusted anymore.

Rachel Stone saves the day

Although Stone is asked to stand down, she refuses to let Keya and Parker get away, as they killed her team. Stone is a proficient hacker, so she is able to trace Keya’s location and figure out that Keya and Parker are going to steal the Heart from its locker.

There is no Charter spy nearby to stop them, except Stone. Stone fails to prevent the Heart from being stolen, but she manages to stop Keya from getting away with Parker, who has the Heart. Parker needs Keya to access the Heart, as it has been encrypted to her biometrics. 

The logical move would be to kill Keya and end Parker’s schemes once and for all, but Stone once again decides to follow her instincts and not kill Keya. She shows Keya that she is not like her.

Heart of Stone Rachel Stone
Stone spares Keya’s life

Stone survives Parker’s attempts to kill her and wins back the trust of her fellow spies. Nomad then asks her to stop Parker and Keya, as Stone had attached a tracker to Keya’s clothes. 

Stone had earlier pointed out to Keya that she had not thought about the consequences of her actions. Later, Keya realizes that Stone was right. She seeks Stone’s help to stop Parker. As Stone chooses to trust her, she does not die with the others.

With a little help from Keya, Stone manages to kill Parker and save the lives of the Hearts. She goes back to working for the Charter. However, she refuses to let the Heart make all the decisions for her and insists on defying the odds when it is necessary. 

Whenever the odds tell them to do nothing, the Charter will send her. Stone misses her old team, so she forms a new one with Keya and Jack and continues going on dangerous missions.

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