Rachel: How I Met Your Father character explained

Rachel is Ellen’s neighbor who eventually becomes her girlfriend in How I Met Your Father. The character is portrayed by Aby James.

When Ellen’s elderly neighbor passes away, she goes to pay her respects but she meets Rachel, the woman’s granddaughter, and in a panic says that she was best friends with them.

Rachel eventually finds out that Ellen was lying and she gets mad at her about it. Ellen has a huge crush on Rachel and makes several attempts to woo her but they always backfire on her.

Eventually, Rachel agrees to go out on a date with Ellen and they end up dating each other.

Choppy waters

When Rachel and Ellen go out on a double date with Valentina, things get heated after Valentina and Rachel do not get along. They go from that to finding common ground pointing out issues that Ellen has with confrontation.

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The couple do not get to spend Valentine’s Day with each other because Rachel travels across the country to take care of a sick aunt but she does have a pizza delivered to Ellen so that they can have a virtual date over Facetime.

Rachel and Ellen make love in Jesse’s bed and he walks in on them. They try to help him find a date so that he feels better about the fact that he’s been so lonely lately.

When Ellen worries about Rachel’s avoidant behavior, Sid suggests following her to find out what might be going on. Rachel turns out to be looking for an apartment in New Jersey because staying so close to Ellen is a little overwhelming for her because of Ellen’s personality.

Rachel: How I Met Your Father character explained 1
Rachel needs some downtime away from Ellen

Ellen says that no matter how much space Rachel gets, Ellen will always be the same and gives her an ultimatum. They ultimately break up because of these differences.

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