Rachel Caldwell: Shelter character explained

Rachel Caldwell is another student in Mickey’s class and the captain of the cheerleading team who has some connection to Ashley. The character is played by Sage Linder.

Mickey meets Rachel on the first day of school as she is introduced as Troy’s girlfriend and the captain of the cheerleading team. She immediately pairs Mickey with Ashley as the new kids and seems very upbeat and positive.

She is in the same history class as Mickey and after Ashley’s disappearance, she doesn’t seem to want to focus on it too much. However, she is shown to have Ashley’s backpack later on, something that she doesn’t share with anyone else.

Has something to hide

When they get a partner history project in class, Rachel picks Mickey because he is quite smart and won’t slack on the project. She continues to dodge mentions of Ashley though.

She visited a locker at a station somewhere and found a bag full of money and fake passports with Ashley’s name on them but was stopped by Octoface. She escapes after shooting him but also gets cut on the arm.

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Rachel Caldwell: Shelter character explained 1
Rachel Caldwell gets away from Octoface by the skin of her teeth

After working on the project with Mickey during his grandparent’s party, she runs into Troy who shows up there as well and he asks her what is going on. He grabs her arm right at the wound and she ends up slapping him.

Rachel is seen grabbing Ashley’s bag out of her locker in the security feed by Ema and Spoon, who later tell Mickey about it.

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