Prince Samir: King the Land character explained

Prince Samir the latest addition to the cast of King the Land, arrives into the story as a funny one who provides many instances of comic relief and also serves as a catalyst for Gu Won and Sa-Rang’s blooming romance.

Arab Prince Samir is the new addition to the ensemble of King the Land and right off the bat, with a past that connects with Gu Won.

Incredibly wealthy

Arab Prince Samir is the 13th richest man on Earth and possesses wealth most can’t even comprehend the size and amount of.

He’s shown to be living life at a bar in his very first appearance on the show, enjoying his time with girls surrounding him. When he arrives at Hotel King, he reserves a large room and impressed by Sa-Rang’s hospitality and her beauty, gets her to join him there and enjoy the food.

He flexes this wealth too and isn’t shy from doing it. He must stay at top-of-the-line hotels when he comes to South Korea. He is initially planning on staying at the Royal Hotel but ends up choosing King the Land.

Blast from the past

Prince Samir knows Gu Won from their old times. It’s revealed that they both went to the same school but that they never really hit it off well.

King the Land Prince Samir
Image source: Netflix

In fact, it is this very reason of familiarity that makes it possible for Gu Won to get him to opt for King the Land instead of the Royal Hotel.

Romantic rival

Prince Salim is instantly painted as a new addition that may give rise to a love triangle. However, Sa-Rang is mostly obliging Prince Samir’s request because he’s such a big deal and his stay at the hotel would do wonders for its image.

Her job is on the line too, and she must be sincere about tending to Prince Samir like she’s for most other jobs as a concierge

He keeps hitting on Sa-Rang and is visibly smitten by her. He always wishes for her to accompany him while Gu Won keeps hovering around, as he’s clearly jealous of him. That way, Samir proves to be Gu-Won’w first romantic rival.

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