Pretorianos in The Kingdom season 2 explained

In the second season of The Kingdom, Pretorianos is an extremist group that aims to serve Emilio loyally in order to help him realize his dream of absolute power and to reform the nation.

When public dissatisfaction with Emilio’s government grows, it results in violent protests all over the country. Emilio cannot do anything to change that, as he is dependent on others to make laws.

Due to the democratic structure, Elena also fails to make new laws according to the values of the church, which results in her berating Emilio. At a time like this, Emilio’s driver, Daniel, becomes his savior by introducing him to a group of men who would do anything for him.

Who are the Pretorianos?

Emilio’s new allies swear loyalty to him, and Daniel refers to them as Emilios’ pawns. The group comprises high-ranking and influential officers from security forces, retired as well as active. The group is named Pretorianos.

At their meeting, Emilio highlights their aim — to save their country that is in danger of being destroyed. Their enemies are leftists, such as Marxists, Communists, atheists, feminists, union leaders, and more.

Emilio believes that these people attack everything that they love by introducing ills that the Devil wants to spread. Pretorianos must preserve the values of the past.

They are asked to form cells from within their organization and create networks of highly trusted people. Emilio asks them to take down their enemies and not fear their own violence because theirs is blessed violence fostered by God.

The Kingdom Pretorianos
The Pretorianos attack leftists across the country

As per their orders, the Pretorianos start attacking and killing leftists everywhere. The attack on an LGBTQ+ club as well as the murders of a union leader and a feminist lawyer in broad daylight bring the Pretorianos to the country’s attention.

The government-controlled media uses this opportunity to pin the attacks on Tadeo’s followers. Initially, even Rubén cannot find out who the Pretorianos are, as these are experienced men who cover their tracks well.

The coup

With their support, Elena and Daniel plan a military coup to restore their society’s moral order, and Emilio declares a holy war. Emilio will dissolve the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies as well as seize control of the judiciary, leaving him with absolute power.

The Pretorianos will also be present at the Congress to stile all opposition, with force if necessary. Emilio will become a dictator and get to make or amend laws as he pleases.

The failure of Pretorianos

The coup does not go as planned because Rubén has an idea that something like that is going to happen and prepares accordingly. He sends troops to the headquarters of the Pretorianos in Bella Vista. The Pretorianos stand no chance and are subdued.

The Kingdom Pretorianos
The Pretorianos surrender

Rubén then goes to the headquarters and makes a deal with the group; he asks them not to tell Daniel about their failure if they do not want to be sent to jail. The men have no choice but to accept.

Rubén also tells them that even if they had been successful, their new government would have only lasted for two days without his support. Later, when he permits them, they inform Daniel about their surrender.

Daniel is arrested and then killed for murdering Tadeo, and the Pretorianos are in no position to support Emilio, who is forced to resign. However, the next government’s policies do not seem much different from the changes that Emilio was going to introduce with the Pretorianos’ support.

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