Interim President Okoli & Ekon Ameh: Jack Ryan season 4 characters explained

In Jack Ryan season 4, the death of President Udoh sees Interim President Okoli and Ekon Ameh butt heads to ensure who will run the country of Nigeria.

In Nigeria, there are three major players: the recently assassinated President Udoh, Ekon Ameh, the Nigerian Warlord, and President Okoli, a practical politician who thinks he must carry on Udoh’s cause.

When the death of President Udoh comes to light, the world quickly starts suspecting Ekon Ameh, who is an opponent of President Udoh. However, with the CIA weaponry involved in the assassination of the president, it’s not clear who exactly orchestrated this.

According to Ade, the death of President Udoh emboldened Ekon Ameh, whose supporters could soon take out the new Interim President Okoli, who wants to reclaim Nigeria’s resources for its people at any cost. Ade likes to think that Okoli’s refusal to compromise in order to uphold old ideals is denying Nigeria’s evolution.

Wright meets Okoli and Ameh

After the assassination of President Udoh, things in Lagos continue to get worse, forcing Interim President Okoli to contact the President of America.

Ekon Ameh is accusing Okoli of carrying out the assassination of the former president with the help of the CIA. Okoli wants to get to the bottom of this, so President Bachler sends Director Wright to help him find answers.

When Wright finally meets President Okoli, she is also greeted by Ekon Ameh, who is present at the Presidential Palace. President Okoli is certainly impressed by Director Wright. He calls her the most enlightened CIA officer since its inception.

Interim President Okoli & Ekon Ameh: Jack Ryan season 4 characters explained 1
President Okoli and Ekon Ameh come together

Ekon Ameh and President Okoli are sworn enemies, but they both agree that they should find President Udoh’s killer. They both state that they didn’t orchestrate this assassination and now want Director Wright to get to the bottom of it.

Director Wright starts working for them. However, her working for international interests turns the Senate Intelligence Committee against her. At a time like this, she seeks help from Ade, who knows his country better than Okoli and Ameh.

Ade, on his side, tells Wright to follow Senator Henshaw’s advice, which could mean that Wright will focus more on the problems at home than in Nigeria.

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