Who is Porcupine? She-Hulk character explained

Jen’s lazy Sunday is interrupted when she has to go and check on Emil Blonsky at a retreat where she also happens to meet Porcupine, a villain trying to better himself. The character is played by Jordan Aaron Ford.

Jen has a pretty busy week chatting and hanging out with Josh, the guy she met at her friend’s wedding. However, she doesn’t hear from him again after spending the night at her place on Thursday.

Jen obsesses over the fact that he’s not replying but that obsession is partly interrupted when she gets a call from Emil Blonsky’s parole officer who says that there’s some irregularity with his inhibitor device and he’s worried that Blonsky might have turned into the Abomination.

Under the spiky exterior

Porcupine is among those in the sharing circle who meet Jen when she walks into the barn. He’s inside his costume and Blonsky talks about how he refuses to take it off when he should be showing some vulnerability and revealing himself.

Porcupine is the first to suggest violence against Josh after hearing her story but Wrecker convinces them to choose the path of peace and comfort Jen instead.

When Jen turns back into her human form in front of everyone, she says that it felt really good and directs the comment at Porcupine.

Who is Porcupine? She-Hulk character explained 1
Porcupine removes his mask after Jen encourages him

Porcupine is inspired and takes his mask off, although a bad smell immediately begins to emanate from him as everyone complains about it and Blonksy suggests keeping the suit on until they can dry clean it.

Porcupine in the comics

There are 3 different iterations of the Porcupine within Marvel comics with the first one, Alexander Gentry being the version introduced in the series.

Who is Porcupine? She-Hulk character explained 2
The comic iteration of the Porcupine

The original Alexander Gentry was a scientist and weapons designer for the United States Army who creates the defensive battle suit with quill-like projections and other such capabilities. He’s angered by his treatment at the hands of the military and uses the suit to turn to a life of crime.

Porcupine first appeared in Tales to Astonish #48 and was created by Stan Lee and Don Heck. He faces up against the original Ant-Man and the Wasp and is one of the oldest costumed criminals of his generation.

While Porcupine is supposed to be a skilled automotive mechanic with a master’s degree in engineering, the on-screen character appears to be a little denser, most obviously when he says that Spanish is a language and not a nationality.

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