The police investigation in This World Can’t Tear Me Down explained

In This World Can’t Tear Me Down, several people are taken to the police station after the riot. The situation gets worse when they find out that a politician’s son was injured. 

At the police station, Zero narrates the events that brought him and his friends there to the Armadillo. While Zero does that, the police question the others separately.

The police want to figure out whether the riot was premeditated or not. They need to blame it on a person or a group and feed that information to the media. 

They try to get different people to reveal the intentions of their friends or give them the name of the person who planned everything, but they are not successful in their efforts.

On top of that, the police find out that the son of a very important man was injured and will be in the hospital for the next 20 days. This puts them under extreme pressure to find the person who injured him.

How does the investigation end?

The boy who was hit is named Ludovico, and he is the son of a politician. He is one of the Nazis, and he does not remember who hit him. If the police fail to find the person responsible, his father will not spare anyone.

The police ask everyone to give them the name of the person who hit Ludovico. They believe that they will find this person eventually, so people should just talk, but no one does that.

At night, the police let all of them go, and Zero is not even questioned. However, this is not the end of the investigation. Zero is told that the police will say whatever they want to the media and report all of them. The trial will only happen some ten years later.

All of them are aware that the media will be attacking them the next day and that they will end up with criminal records for something that they never did. These records might even affect their professional lives.

This World Can’t Tear Me Down Police
Zero and his friends find the video of Cesare hitting Ludovico

Zero and his friends find out that it was Cesare who hit Ludovico, and they even have a video to prove that. Ludovico was beating up Cesare with the other Nazis, and that is why Cesare hit him in return.

On one hand, there is Ludovico, a Nazi who was hit only because he was doing the same to Cesare, and on the other hand, there is Cesare, who tried to spark the truth and was beaten up by the Nazis who were supposed to be his friends.

When Zero and his friends see Cesare leaving the police station all alone, they make up their minds. They delete the video and do not report Cesare, even if that means that they will all be reported by the police.

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