What is Poison Ivy’s plan to take over Gotham in Harley Quinn season 3?

Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn are a couple now after the events of the season 2 finale and they start their relationship with a new plan to take over Gotham. The first 3 episodes are now streaming on HBO Max.

Poison Ivy is so glad that she’s with Harley but their differing personalities serve as a barrier of sorts at times. While Ivy is more of an eco-terrorist who mostly cares about the planet, Harley is a maniac who craves chaos and destruction.

The two of them learn from each other and try to support each other in their endeavours, with Harley convincing Ivy to revisit one of her failed plans of taking over Gotham.

The Garden of ‘Edin’

After going on a destructive world tour, Harley takes Ivy to the location of one of her former creations and failed exploits. ‘Edin’ is a forest filled with prehistoric fauna that Ivy had brought to life in the hopes of terraforming the planet.

She was only able to create an acre of the forest after working on the plan for years and added the ‘I’ in ‘Edin’ as a reference to her own name.

What is Poison Ivy's plan to take over Gotham in Harley Quinn season 3? 1
Poison Ivy created a forest and named it Edin

While she is briefly enraptured with her past creations and develops a renewed love for them, it does not last long as ‘Edin’ is destroyed when Harley and Ivy tangle with Plastique.

Ivy is distraught but Harley promises to support her in her dream to terraform Gotham and reclaim the concrete jungle for mother nature.

That sounds familiar

Poison Ivy wants to terraform the city by reanimating dead plant matter underground and then supercharging them. To do that, she must first create the ‘Eden Serum’ which requires a compound found in prehistoric mosquitoes trapped in sap.

The others bring up the similarities with Jurassic Park but Ivy brushes it off and continues with the plan. They go to the Natural History Museum to rub one such sample and although it’s not without some hiccups, Ivy manages to get the artefact.

What is Poison Ivy's plan to take over Gotham in Harley Quinn season 3? 2
Poison Ivy attempts to use the Eden Serum

She gets to work on the serum but her first attempt completely fails, sending her into a dejected state. After some team-building exercises at a Riddler deathtrap, Ivy realises that there’s no harm in failing, as long as you have the confidence to try again.

Her second attempt also ends up being a failure to an extent and even destroys the mall that they were using as a base but she’s now convinced that she will eventually get it right and achieve her dastardly dream.

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