Plan A Plan B ending explained: Do Kosty and Nirali end up together?

Plan A Plan B is a romantic-comedy movie based on a matchmaker and divorce lawyer who have entirely different notions about marriage. The film is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Kaustubh aka Kosty is introduced as a stiff divorce lawyer who stops at nothing to get divorces for his clients.

Nirali is a psychologist turned marriage counsellor who has taken over her mother’s business, ‘Unique Matrimony’. She uses unconventional methods for picking matches.

Kosty and Nirali are introduced to each other when the latter’s new office is right next to the former’s.

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They begin arguing right from their first meeting after Kosty suggests an eight per cent cut for every match she sends to him since he believes most marriages are destined for divorce.

During a conversation between Nirali and her surprisingly mature nephew, Kabir, it is revealed that she is still not over her ex-boyfriend, Varun.

On the other hand, Kosty is sleeping with random women and crashing at his friend Girish’s house, landing him in trouble with his wife.

Nirali is hurt when she overhears Kosty insulting her and saying that nobody would date her and that if she had a boyfriend, he would kill themself.

Eventually, Nirali meets Runjhun, and is shocked to know that she is his wife. In truth, Kosty has been refusing to file for divorce.

Runjhun reveals that his true personality is completely opposite to how he is acting nowadays. He is actually a romantic individual, but their marriage went downhill after she cheated on him with her boss.

Nirali gets drunk and phones Kosty, calling him out on being a hypocrite who can’t deal with his own feelings and get a divorce, but goes around helping others end their marriage.

Kosty wants to confront her on this but opts not to. He meets her mother, Kiran, and builds a great rapport with her. She invites him to her 60th birthday party.

Nirali’s blindfold experiment to find matches is a massive success, and even ends up accidentally finding someone for Kosty’s employee.

At Kiran’s behest, Kosty and Nirali decide not to fight until her birthday and eventually become friendly towards each other.

Kabir finds Kosty and tells him about her past. Varun had actually passed away due to a heart attack and Nirali never got the chance to say goodbye. She carries that baggage to this day. Kabir asks him to set her up with someone.

Plan A Plan B ending explained in detail:

How do Kosty and Nirali find out their attraction to each other?

For a new experiment, Nirali needs a man to test a compatibility pattern. Kosty agrees to be a volunteer for this.

The test involves a series of questions regarding their hypothetical relationship. The result comes out as only 35% compatible.

Kosty refuses to accept this and asks for a retest. Nirali questions if he has a better way and in the heat of the moment, they end up kissing.

They are about to sleep with each other but Kosty sees Runjhun’s photo and stops. Nirali understands and suggests they try again tomorrow.

What happens between Kosty and Runjhun?

After the incident, Kosty seems troubled. He disappears for four days and ghosts Nirali as well, leaving her hurt. She vents in front of her friend about how she fell for him and that it was her mistake. She decides to let go of him.

On the day of Kiran’s birthday, Kosty returns. He tries to apologise to Nirali but she keeps avoiding him, thinking he isn’t interested in her.

During a dance, Kosty convinces her and their chemistry is apparent to all those present. However, Runjhun also arrives and thanks her for fixing things between her and Kosty.

She assumes that the two are back together after Runjhun took her advice to fix things between them, and is left distraught.

While she is crying about it with her friend, Kosty tries to clear things up again. He reveals that by ‘fixed’ they meant that the two went through with the divorce.

Immediately after what happened between him and Nirali, he flew to Kolkata and talked it out with Runjhun. It took four days for the divorce to be completed, which is why he went missing.

By falling in love with Nirali, Kosty had finally come to terms with the fact that his and Runjhun’s relationship was over.

What happens between Kosty and Nirali at the end?

After revealing the truth, Kosty proposes to her. Nirali simply chuckles at the manner of the proposal, hinting that she had accepted. They’re joined by their loved ones, who are all happy that the two found someone.

Four months later, Nirali is seen fixing relationships of Kosty’s clients and he complains about this, but she just replies that he can take ‘8 per cent’; what he had offered her at the start.

Kosty asks to get married again but she borrows his lines from the film again and replies why get married when you can just ‘do it’. The final exchange shows that they’re not rigid in their approaches anymore.

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