Pippa summary and ending explained

Pippa follows Captain Balram Singh Mehta and his two siblings who fought to liberate Bangladesh in the war of 1971. The film is now streaming on Prime Video.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

After the formation of Pakistan in 1947, the oppression of the Bengali-speaking population of East Pakistan by West Pakistan led to widespread rebellion. By 1971, the people of East Pakistan were demanding an independent nation, Bangladesh. 

To escape the atrocities of the Pakistani Army, the people of East Pakistan sought refuge in India in huge numbers. The refugee crisis led to India getting involved in the conflict. India fought in the war of 1971 to liberate Bangladesh.

The film introduces Captain Balram Singh Mehta and his love — Pippa, or PT-76, the Indian Army’s first amphibious tank. Balram, also known as Balli, is a capable soldier, but he does not follow orders as he is supposed to. 

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When he disobeys the orders of his commander during a training exercise, a committee is set up to investigate his indiscipline. Balli is found guilty. As a result, Balli will be working in an office in Delhi and not fighting on the front.

Balli’s father was a soldier who lost his life when Balli was just two years old. His older brother, Ram, is a war hero who keeps trying to turn Balli into a responsible adult. Balli, who has grown up in his brother’s shadow, does not appreciate Ram acting like he is his father. 

The two brothers often lock horns. Even on the day Ram is sent to the front, they argue and say hurtful things to each other. Furthermore, Balli’s sister, Radha, is thinking of getting married to a dentist. Balli breaks her trust and upsets her by interfering in the matter.

Balli, who is forced to do a desk job, tries to convince his superiors to send him to the battlefront, but they believe that Balli needs to learn to be disciplined and obedient. On top of that, disappointing his whole family further disheartens him.

Ram is given a new name, Mohammed Nadeef, and is sent to East Bangladesh on a recce. He works with Mukti Bahini, Bangladeshi rebels who are fighting for freedom from West Pakistan and offer their support to India.

When Radha, who is still a college student, is caught using cryptography in class, the professor calls his son to decipher what she has written.

The professor’s son, Anirban, then recruits her to decipher codes for the Communications & Analysis Wing, a secret agency that is going to play a crucial role in the upcoming war. 

Meanwhile, Balli is asked to figure out a way to fit four soldiers in PT-76, which only has space for three. Balli manages to find a solution, which means that the tanks are now fit for war. Balli’s work impresses his superiors, and he is sent to the front.

To control the war without being seen as the aggressor by the rest of the world, India decides to launch a covert operation. Balli’s regiment is sent to Garibpur in East Pakistan to destroy the Pakistani tanks moving towards the India-Pakistan border.

Balli’s regiment destroys the tanks and brings some of them to India to show the world that the Pakistani Army crossed the border and launched an attack first. India can now declare war against Pakistan without losing international support.

However, the victory does not come without a cost. Balli’s close friend and commander is killed in the Battle of Garibpur. At the same time, Ram is captured by the Pakistani Army, and Radha finds out that even the Mukti Bahini do not know whether he is alive or not.

Pippa ending explained in detail:

Does Balli find Ram’s whereabouts?

Radha contacts Balli and tells him that Ram is missing in action. Mohammad Miraj, an ex-sergeant of the Pakistan Air Force, approaches Balli, as he supports Bangladesh’s liberation and wants to aid the Indian Army in the war.

Mohammad Miraj informs Balli that an Indian officer is in the custody of the Pakistani Army and that the officer is being kept in Burinda. Although Mohammad Miraj does not know the name of the officer, Balli knows that the captured officer could be his brother.

Is Ram dead or alive?

Radha and Anirban decode a message and come to know that the U.S. 7th Fleet, the world’s biggest nuclear-powered aircraft, is coming to East Pakistan to aid Pakistan. 

The Pakistani Army suspects Ram of being an Indian soldier, but no matter how much they torture him, he refuses to admit that. As they fail to get his confession, they plan to kill him, but at the very last second, he is saved by a Mukti Bahini rebel. 

While Ram fights the Pakistani soldiers, Balli’s regiment reaches Burinda with Mukti Bahini’s help. Balli fights bravely, and his regiment defeats the Pakistani soldiers to take control of their military base. 

Do Balli and Ram reconcile?

Ram is freed once the Indian Army takes control of the Burinda base. He reunites with Balli, who is relieved to see him alive. The brothers regret the things that they said to each other the last time they were together. 

They finally talk and discuss their problems. Ram admits that Balli never annoyed him, but Ram was jealous of him. Balli can speak the truth fearlessly, and that scares Ram.

Balli wanted an older brother, but Ram always acted like his father. However, he is ready to change and be Balli’s friend. Balli is a war hero now, and Ram does not hesitate to tell him that he is proud of him.

India wins the war in thirteen days. The U.S. 7th Fleet is forced to turn back, the government forces in East Pakistan surrender to India, and East Pakistan is liberated; it becomes the country of Bangladesh.

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