Pia: Black Mirror season 6 character explained

Pia is an aspiring filmmaker in the Black Mirror season 6 episode titled ‘Loch Henry’. The character is portrayed by Myha’la Herrold.

Pia accompanies her boyfriend, Davis, to his hometown of Loch Henry where she gets to meet his mother, Janet, and his childhood friend Stuart. Pia is an American who met Davis when they attended film school together in London.

Pia has some awkward exchanges with Janet early on and feels like she doesn’t like her. When she meets Stuart for the first time, she learns about Iain Adair and the reason tourists don’t visit Loch Henry.

When Stuart suggests making a film about Iain Adair, Pia agrees with him because she believes that this subject would be much more interesting than what they originally planned to cover.

They begin working on the Iain Adair case with Stuart’s help.

Pia: Black Mirror season 6 character explained 1
Pia and Davis decide to make a film on Iain Adair

Uncovering the truth

Pia and Davis take the first draft of the film to a producer that she was previously in contact with but they say that they’re looking for a more engaging hook so Pia suggests going deeper into Davis’ connection to the case through his father, Kenneth.

She also lies that they have access to the basement where the murders were committed. They go back and along with Stuart, break into Iain’s place to get footage of the basement.

On their way back, they get into an accident where Davis ends up with a concussion and has to spend the night in the hospital for observation. Pia heads back home with Janet to digitize the footage they captured.

They had used one of Kenneth’s old tapes that was in his old tape recorder and Pia lets it play on. As the tape approaches the end, it reveals an older recording from the basement where Iain is there with Kenneth and Janet.

Iain was only an accomplice as Kenneth and Janet were the real culprits who terrorized and killed the tourists. Once she finds out the truth, Pia panics and tries to call Davis but has no reception on her phone.

She steps outside to find a place with coverage and Janet wonders why she’s acting strange. She goes up to the room and sees one of their old tapes in the machine, realizing that Pia now knows the truth.

She goes out after Pia who is walking in the darkness trying to contact Davis. Janet catches up to her but Pia runs away into the darkness. While Janet calls out to her, Pia tries to escape across a stream but she slips and falls, hitting her head on a stone and passing away.

Her body is washed away in the flowing water as Janet assumes she’s escaped and heads back home resigned to the fact that she can’t hide anymore, leading to her committing suicide.

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