Peyton: Platonic character explained

In Platonic, Peyton is Will’s new girlfriend, who is much younger than him, which is the only disconnect they have. Emily Kimball plays Peyton.

Peyton first appears in the fourth episode of Platonic, during what seems like Will’s first date with her. Things don’t go as expected as they don’t get to spend intimate time with each other because of the presence of Peyton’s roommate, Maddie, in Peyton’s apartment.

Will voluntarily decides to meet Peyton sometime later and leaves. After having a devastating but enjoyable divorce party, Will contacts Peyton again, asking her out for dinner. Surprisingly, she does respond and agrees. Will uses his charm and wits on her, and Peyton’s behavior suggests that she is falling for him.

Peyton and Will’s relationship

Will and Peyton continue to get along as they go on several dates. Will impresses her with his hacks and connections and joins her in a crowd to grab clothes at a thrift shop while Peyton introduces him to new pop culture and new music.

Peyton: Platonic character explained 1
Will and Peyton take a walk on a mountain

Will and Peyton do connect. However, Will clarifies to Peyton that he has recently been divorced; he likes her a lot, but he isn’t ready for a serious relationship yet. Will overthinks and often spills out words he shouldn’t, but Peyton understands him.

Will’s growing feelings

At Will’s bar, things go from playful to sour in minutes when he is having Sylvia, Charlie, and Stewart there. Will had told Charlie about Peyton after realizing that Charlie is not comfortable having him around Sylvia all the time.

When Sylvia learns that he has told Charlie about Peyton but not her, she confronts him in a playful manner. Soon, the topics of Charlie’s colleagues calling Will Sylvia’s boyfriend and Sylvia taking ketamine during Will’s divorce party are thrown into the mix, making the conversation difficult.

Will ends up tripping over a glass and hurting himself. Peyton shows up late at night at his apartment to comfort him. She cooks for him, and Will feels good to have someone who is taking care of him.

Will apologizes to her for being a mess while sobbing, and Peyton assures him that she likes him no matter what. Charlie and Sylvia’s relationship is already suffering because of Sylvia’s friendship with Will. Even Peyton will be challenged to face this friendship once she meets Sylvia.

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