Penelope Reyna: Who is Erin Carter? character explained

In Who is Erin Carter?, Penelope Reyna is the mother of Antonio, a student Harper hurts, making things difficult for Erin and her. Charlotte Vega plays Penelope.

Penelope Reyna is also Erin and Jordi’s neighbor. Things turn bad between them when Harper hits Antonio, Penelope’s son, for making fun of Harper’s eye condition.

From that point on, Penelope is determined to expel Harper from the school. Penelope is part of the parent-teacher association at the school. She lodges a complaint against Harper.

Erin does her best to mend things between them and Penelope as neighbors, but Penelope doesn’t see them as neighbors. According to her, they just live nearby.

Penelope’s secret

Erin visits Penelope from time to time to make things right. On one of these occasions, she watches Penelope in a compromising position with her tennis coach. She records this on her phone.

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When Erin gets sick of trying to talk politely, she threatens Penelope that she will send this video to her husband if she doesn’t take the complaint back. Penelope then explains the position she is in. Her husband isn’t there for her emotionally and doesn’t see her as his priority.

Penelope Reyna: Who is Erin Carter? character explained 1
Penelope tells Erin how her husband treats her

He missed her birthday and justified himself by saying that he paid for the party. Penelope and Erin come to an understanding here, and the former takes the complaint back.

Penelope attempts to be like Erin

Erin never stops trying to be there for Penelope, and Penelope never stops pushing her away and showing her how she is better than her. When Erin fails to get a full-time job at Harper’s school, she first suspects Penelope, who is one of the people who interviewed her for this job.

Penelope claims that she is not behind this; she doesn’t care if Erin gets the job or not. By the end of Who is Erin Carter?, Penelope starts realizing that she is wrong about Erin.

Erin is brave and doesn’t care about people’s opinions, whereas Penelope has been scared of people for so long. Therefore, she makes the big decision of asking her husband for a divorce. However, the show never reveals whether she really asks for it or not.

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