Patrician ‘Ducem’ Barr: Foundation season 2 character explained

In Foundation season 2, Patrician ‘Ducem’ Barr is the Empire’s informant on Planet Siwenna. Jesper Christensen plays the role of Ducem.

Patrician Barr, who wants to be called Ducem, has been loyal to the Empire, though its yoke and release have left a mark on Siwenna, which has fallen into barbarism. He doesn’t like the name Patrician because it sounds like a name for someone rich who slides apology money across a mattress.

Ducem has been doing his job of tight-beaming dispatches ever since the Empire ceded control of Outer Reach. No one responded to him for 40 years until Bel and Glawen showed up for information on magicians who came to Siwenna.

Ducem has witnessed the show Poly and Brother Constant from the Church of the Galactic Spirit put on to win the trust of the people of Siwenna. Ducem is also a collector of books and ancient literature. During Bel and Glawen’s time at Ducem’s house, some of the books he has fascinate them. 

Ducem’s help

Ducem shows Bel and Glawen the footage of when Poly and Constant appeared. He gives them the bracelet the two wear. Bel and Glawen are told about the Vault, as well as the spirit of Hari Seldon that resides inside it.

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Patrician 'Ducem' Barr: Foundation season 2 character explained 1
Ducem shows the footage of Constant

What scares Bel and Glawen the most are the whisper-ships that Poly and Constant have. These spaceships navigate without Spacers and could have a mind of their own.

Bel and Glawen fear that a ship like this can jump onto Trantor and wage war right away. However, until they witness this ship for themselves, these ships are just rumors.

Ducem’s death

Bel and Glawen’s meeting with Ducem is cut short because of the arrival of the local constabulary, who are hell-bent on killing Bel and Glawen.

Ducem shows Bel and Glawen another way out and hands Glawen a book he liked. Before they can leave, Ducem asks Bel to shoot him dead.

Ducem claims he has lived a long life, and he doesn’t desire to suffer torture at the hands of his old friends, with whom he has lived on this planet.

He has already poisoned himself with the lichen he has smoked, but he likes to think Bel killing him by shooting him in the head will be more dignified. Bel fulfills his wish, and both Bel and Glawen then escape from Siwenna.

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