Pathetic Deirdre: How I Met Your Father character explained

When Sophie and Val are feeling down about their lives, they reach out to an old acquaintance they refer to as “Pathetic Deirdre”, to lift their spirits. The character is played by Eden Sher.

Sophie and Val send Ellen off on her first day at Goliath Market and then slowly comprehend how wretched their own lives are by comparison. In a bid to feel better about their lives, they decide to contact Deirdre, an old college friend of theirs who always seems to have it worse off.

They would always meet “Pathetic Deirdre” for brunch and she would endlessly talk about life as Sophie and Val took joy in the fact that her life was particularly stale when placed in front of their own.

Pathetic Deirdre: How I Met Your Father character explained 1
The infamous brunches where Deirdre talked while Sophie and Val chuckled at her situation

However, she declines their invitation claiming that she’s got a book signing to attend that day. Sophie and Val assume it’s an embarrassing open mic situation and decide to go and check it out for themselves.

Oblivious to the truth

When Sophie and Val arrive at the location of the book signing, they find a crowd of women excited to see Deirdre and books with her pictures all over the place. They realize that Deirdre actually wrote a book about her life that made her popular.

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They sit down in the back to find out what the book is about and learn that there’s a chapter about them in there too. They figure that Deirdre hates them for how they behaved toward her and try to sneak out.

However, they knock a stack of books over and grab everyone’s attention, including Deirdre. She calls them to the front so that some overdue apologies can be made.

While Sophie and Val apologize, Deirdre does as well much to their confusion. It is then revealed that from her perspective, she was the one taking advantage of Sophie and Val by bragging about her so-called accomplishments.

Pathetic Deirdre: How I Met Your Father character explained 2
Deirdre admits that she treated Sophie and Val as the pathetic ones

Sophie and Val refuse to be called out that way and tell Deirdre that they were the ones using her and saved her contact as “Pathetic Deirdre” on their phones. Deirdre begins to get rattled and lashes out at them.

As her accolades are disparaged by Sophie and Val, Deirdre begins to lose the plot and the adulation of the audience. Sophie and Val are satisfied with this minor triumph and leave Deirdre to deal with her new detractors.

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