Parker: How I Met Your Father season 2 character explained

Parker is a new love interest for Jesse in How I Met Your Father season 2. The character is portrayed by Meaghan Rath.

When Jesse sees Drew and his other colleagues walk into Pemberton’s to celebrate a birthday, the group includes a new teacher named Parker.

While they are all roasting him as a way to get even for his terrible parody songs, she joins in before later apologizing. She said that she roasted him just to fit in because she’s new.

They immediately hit it off, and Jesse asks her out on a date after completing all the necessary HR roadblocks.

The pressures of dating

On the day of his date, Jesse agrees to give up his phone until midnight and is confident that it won’t affect him at all. However, when Parker says something interesting, he realizes that he doesn’t know anything about the topic.

Parker: How I Met Your Father season 2 character explained 1
Jesse and Parker have an awkward date that ultimately ends well

He thinks about going to the washroom to google it but remembers that he doesn’t have his phone. He worries that he might not be able to impress her and recalls an article that said being generous is always a good attribute.

He ends up ordering all the specials but when he recollects that his card is with his phone, he panics. He leaves Parker for half an hour with all the food and returns just as she considers leaving.

She tells him that people thought she was stood up by her entire family, which isn’t the first time that has happened. She does eventually accept his apology and then says that she knows a way to handle the bill for their meal.

She plucks a single strand of hair from another customer and then places it in her food before bringing it to the attention of the waiter. Jesse recognizes that Parker has a wild side to her as well and she texts him later that night letting him know that she’s missing him.

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