Parker: Heart of Stone character explained

Parker is Stone’s colleague in Heart of Stone, but she later finds out that Parker is not the person she thinks he is. Jamie Dornan plays the role of Parker.

When Rachel Stone infiltrates MI6, she is made to work with a team, and one of her teammates is Parker, a reliable field agent. Parker is charming and likable. He wins Stone’s trust, and that is why she never suspects him.

In Lisbon, Stone’s team gets attacked, and Stone blows her cover to save them. As soon as Parker finds out that Stone is a Charter spy, he kills their other teammates, and Stone finds out that she is not the only one who has been keeping secrets.

The Charter’s connection to Parker’s past

Parker is a career operative who was born in Belfast. In 2015, a Chechen warlord was given free rein in Chechnya by the Chechen and Russian governments. The warlord was terrorizing and killing people to squash dissent.

Heart of Stone Parker
Parker in Chechnya

Parker, who had a different identity back then, was delivering weapons with MI6 to take the warlord out. The Charter came to know that the agents had walked into a trap and that the entire team had been killed.

The Charter could not let the warlord get those weapons, so the King of Clubs ordered a drone strike on the area, believing that everyone was dead already. However, Parker, who was alive, was severely injured because of the King of Clubs’ order.

All of this was covered up. There was no report, investigation, or record of the personnel involved. However, Parker made it out alive, and now he wants to destroy the Charter for leaving him to die.

A power-hungry man

When Parker kills their MI6 team, Stone finds out that Parker has been working with Keya. Additionally, Parker managed to get Mulvaney to tell him about the Heart. He then murdered him and made it look like Mulvaney killed himself.

Now, he injures Stone with a poisoned knife, which paralyzes her. He injects a device into her body, which wirelessly delivers a Trojan to the Charter’s system. As a result, Parker and Keya find out the location of the locker in which the Heart is kept.

Stone tries to stop them from stealing the Heart, but she fails. Parker gets away with the Heart, but he cannot access it. Keya does not trust Parker completely, so she had encrypted the Heart to her biometrics, leaving Parker no choice but to rescue her.

With Keya’s help, Parker is finally able to use the Heart. He had told Keya that they would be using the Heart to expose Kharche and the Charter, but as soon as he gets access to limitless power provided by the Heart, he goes on a killing spree.

Heart of Stone Parker
Parker orders the death of the King of Diamonds

He kills the King of Diamonds and her family as well as the Clubs team, without caring about the innocent people who lose their lives with them. None of this is about Parker’s revenge; it is about Parker getting power and being in charge.

When Keya refuses to be a part of Parker’s schemes and decides to side with Stone, Parker does not think twice before attacking her. He also threatens to torture and kill her if she does not cooperate with him.

As Parker turns out to be a cold-hearted villain and fails to win the trust of his own team, Keya teams up with Stone to take him down. With Keya’s help, Stone is able to kill Parker and put an end to his nefarious activities.

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